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Let Me Introduce Myself


Hello everyone from the Hoosier state of Indiana; home of the Indianapolis 500, University of Notre Dame and Ball State University.

I live in Yorktown which is a small suburb of Muncie.  I've lived in or around Muncie all my life and have to admit I love the lifestyle of a small town.  Some may think Indiana is somewhat of a "plain Jane" state, but to me it's beautiful. 

My husband (Bob) and I are vegetarians and animal activists.  We do a small amount of animal rescue work here in our home town.  Currently we have 3 dogs and 2 cats; all rescues from abusive situations or simple abandonment.

Growing Up


My grandmother, Lillie Mae, was the one source of constant love in my life.  She's been gone now for several years, but we were always very close.  She was a farmer's wife and I absolutely adored her.  Spending weekends on her farm were always filled with many childhood adventures; playing in the haylofts, attempting to jump from one small pig house to the other without getting bit by the big ole mama sow, but my absolute favorite was simply playing in the open fields.  There I felt totally free.  I could be anyone I wanted to be, with only my imagination for company. 


I named my business after her, and I created the Lillie Mae doll in honor of her.  Another doll that is close to my heart (red hair) is the Maxine doll which was created in honor of my mother.











About My Business


Lillie Mae's Crafts is an entirely "FREE PATTERN" site.  When I find a free pattern myself, I feel like it's Christmas ... I get so excited.  I wanted to share that feeling with all of you.  You may use my patterns in any way you like with one exception, you must honor the copyright that exists with each pattern, e-book, tutorial, graphic, doodle, etc.  So please sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee while perusing my patterns, download any and all that you want ... and enjoy!!!


If you have any questions, problems or would like to submit an idea for a new pattern, please feel free to drop me an E-mail.


Meanwhile, welcome, I'm very grateful and honored to have you.


Blessings everyone,














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