Abby Lynne & Kitty


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Abby Lynne & Kitty

Read through all directions before beginning.

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Material:  Unbleached muslin, material for bodice & skirt, material for Kitty, and yellow cotton (for hair).

Embroidery Thread:  Red, black, brown (matching yarn), thread that matches dress and apron.

Black and green seed beads (eyes for Abby Lynne & Kitty)

White thin wire (whiskers)


Terra cotta saucer (4 inches across top)

Dinner plate 7 or 8 inches across (just to use as a pattern)

Disappearing Fabric Marking Pen

Mechanical pencil

Paint – Country Red

Sponge brush & large stencil Brush

Paper towels and paper plates

5-inch doll needle

Small embroidery needle

For Staining – instant coffee, vanilla extract, fragrance oil, wire hanger.

Optional – old cookie sheet, glass jar with lid, wax paper, pliers.


Suggested shopping for fragrance oils –

The Chemistry Store –

From Nature With Love –

Save on Scents –

Bramble Berry –

To Die for Soap –


Abby Lynne:

1.       With Mark'B Gone/Disappearing pen, trace around body pattern on double layer of muslin and pin with straight pens. Do not cut out.

2.       Sew on traced line leaving bottom, where indicated, open.  Clip curves and turn.

3.       Stuff firmly and hand sew opening closed.

4.       With Mark'B Gone/Disappearing pen, trace around arm patterns on double layer of muslin

and pin with straight pens. DO NOT CUT OUT.  

5.       Sew on traced lines leaving end open where indicated.  Clip curves and turn.

6.       Stuff firmly to stuffing line, as indicated on pattern.  Hand sew opening closed.

7.       Positioning the arms at the very top of the shoulders, sew onto body.

8.       Attach a small string of thread (for hanging to dry) to top of head.



1.       Trace apron pattern on doubled muslin and cut out.  These are not sewn together.

2.       Attach a string of thread for hanging and stain (as below).



1.       Mixing your stain:  In glass jar combine 1/4 cup instant coffee with 1 cup warm water.  Add

your vanilla extract to your liking (at least 1 tsp) and your scent, to your liking.

2.       Put lid on and shake until thoroughly mixed.

3.       Applying stain:  I usually do this over the sink.  I use an old cookie sheet to catch the stain

drips.  Lay your doll here on top of a piece of wax paper.  Using your sponge brush, thoroughly

apply stain to your doll.  When done, thoroughly check doll to make sure you have reach all the

crevices, etc. with the stain.

4.       Hanging to dry:  I use an old wire hanger to hang my doll on.  (If I have more than one item

I need to try I will bend the ends of the hanger up and hang one item on each end).  Make sure

you hang it somewhere where you won't mind it dripping (outside, garage, etc.) or make sure you

have an old towel, bowl, or whatever to catch the drippings.

5.       I'm a bit inpatient with the drying time and usually put a fan on my dolls; this way it make

take only a few hours to get your doll dry depending on the size of your fan.  Otherwise let your

doll dry overnight.



1.       Eyes:  Thread your beading needle with black (regular sewing) thread.  Starting at the very

top of the head (at your sewn line there) and looking at the picture, sew your 2 black beads on

for eyes.

2.       Eyebrows and Nose:  Thread your doll needle with black embroidery thread and, again at

the very top of the head, looking at picture, place eyebrows and nose with one 1/4 inch stitch

each. (Note: Some like only a single thread for the eyebrows, but I prefer a double strand.)

3.       Mouth:  Print off the mouth pattern (see the facial feature box in pattern section) and

position on head where desired with straight pins.  Thread your doll needle with red embroidery

thread and go in from the top of the head, as in step 2 of this section.  See facial feature box in

pattern section for remaining instructions.  Use small back stitches and stitch your mouth along

the traced line.

4.       Cheeks:  With your red paint, load your stencil brush and pounce off most of the paint

onto a paper towel.  Again, checking the picture for placement of the cheeks, with light

swirling motions paint on the cheeks.  Let dry.



1.       Bangs – cut a small piece of yellow material – 1 inch by 2 inches. Position this (again looking

at the picture) and sew to top of head.  Then cut small slits for her fringed bangs.

2.       Strips for Hair – Cut a strip of material 16 inches long.  Then make slits every 2 inches and

tear them apart.  Stack 2 strips on top of each other and hand sew a small running stitch down

the middle, pull to gather and tie off.

3.       Position the strips perpendicular to the center of the head (see “X” on pattern) and sew on

with a few stitches, position each strip in the same manner going along one side of the head and

then the other.  (This will hide your stitches used to stitch on face.)  Look at picture for where

to end strips on the sides.  Lift up these strips and place a few behind these on the head.

4.       Separate into pigtails and tie with ribbon.



1.       On doubled shirt material, on wrong side, trace shirt pattern with Mark'B

Gone/Disappearing ink pen.  DO NOT CUT OUT.

2.       Sew on lines as indicated on pattern.

3.       Cut out and clip corners.  Place shirt on doll.

4.       With matching thread, turn neck of shirt under and stitch a running stitch.  Gather until

it is snug against dolls neck; secure and tie off. 

5.       With matching ribbon, run a stitch around end of sleeves and tie in bows. 



1.       On doubled skirt material, on wrong side trace around your plate with the Mark 'B

Gone/Disappearing pen.  Cut out with your pinking shears.

2.       Place your terra cotta saucer in center of circle and with matching thread hand sew a

running stitch about 1/2 inch from edge completely around the circle.  DON'T GATHER YET.

3.       Grab a handful of polyfil and place in center of saucer.  Fold the bottom of the shirt

under the doll and place her in the center of the polyfil.  Pull to gather the running stitch.  Add

polyfil as needed.

4.       Hand stitch the top of the skirt to the doll.


Finish Apron:

1.       With matching shirt thread, hand sew a gathering stitch at top of apron being sure to

leave enough thread at both ends to pull.   Pull to gather and tie behind dolls neck.



1.       Trace pattern of kitty onto doubled material (one used for the doll).  DO NOT CUT


2.       Sew on traced line leaving open where indicated on pattern.  Turn, and stuff firmly.  Sew

opening closed.

3.       Do the same with the kitty's tail.

4.       Sew one end of tail to the back of the kitty and (looking at picture for positioning) bring

the tail around to the front and curl up.  Put one small anchoring stitch there.

5.       Sew green beads on for eyes.

6.       With white wire, cut three 3-inch long pieces.  Looking at picture for positioning,

puncture material with end of wire and stick all 3 pieces of wire in same puncture hole.  Curl

top piece of wire up, second straight out, and the third curl under.

7.       Attach Kitty to doll.


You're done with Abby Lynne & Kitty.  I hope you enjoyed making her as much as I enjoyed designing her. If you have any problems or questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me or visit my "Stitch 'n' Stuff" page at


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