Canned Sunflowers & Bow Set

Read through all directions before beginning.


Supply List


Material:  yellow and navy blue cotton


Sticks (for stems)

6 buttons and 1 larger button that all match

Metal primer

True Blue acrylic paint

Antiquing medium


Floral Foam

Green Spanish Moss

Florals – small white flowers, greenery, pip berries

For Staining – instant coffee, vanilla extract, fragrance oil.

Sponge brush & Stencil Brush

Paper towels and paper plates

Optional – old cookie sheet, glass jar with lid, wax paper


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1.  Wash empty can thoroughly...and let dry.

2.  Spray with metal primer and let dry.

3.  Get your paints ready; you will need your True Blue paint and  your antiquing medium.  Dip brush into paint then into antiquing medium and start painting your can.  Paint the entire can in this fashion...2 coats.  Let dry thoroughly between coats.

4.  Finish the can off with 1 coat of polyurethane; let dry.



1.  Print out outside sunflower pattern.  On double yellow material, trace and cut out six.

2.  Using your outside sunflower pattern, trace on batting and cut out.

3.  Layer each sunflower with 1 piece of batting in the center; center a button and sew on.

4.  Snip into the sunflowers all around to make the petals.



1.  Mix  your stain 1/4 cup instant coffee with 1 cup hot water, 1/4 cup vanilla extract and 1/4 teaspoon fragrance oil.  Add more fragrance oil if not scented to your liking.  Like an old cookie sheet with either wax paper or old rags.  Dip each petal into the stain, squeeze out excess and lay on your cookie sheet.  Bake at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.  CAUTION:  Please watch this carefully, do not leave unattended, as this can catch on fire.



1.  Cut floral foam to desired size and place in can.

2.  Using hot glue gun, glue your green Spanish Moss to top of foam.

3.  Cut sticks (stems) to desired length.  Lift up the back of one petal on each flower and glue stems to flower. 

4.  Arrange sunflowers, small white flowers, pip berries, greenery, etc.

5.  Cut out 2 cheesecloth bow patterns and tape together lengthwise; trace on single layer cheesecloth and cut out.  Wrap around can and tie in a bow.



1.  Print out 2 fabric bow patterns and tape together lengthwise; trace on single layer material and cut out.  Form in a bow and tie.

2.  Print out pattern for cheesecloth bow, trace on single layer material and cut out.  Form in a smaller bow than the above one and either tie there with a matching piece of embroidery thread or use your hot glue gun.

3.  Glue matching button to front of bow.



1.  Can – cute a small piece of jute and glue to back of can for hanger.

2.  Sew on a matching piece of embroidery thread to back of bow for hanger.


Terms of Use:

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