Dosie Rosie

A Lillie Mae’s Crafts original design by Brenda Greenwalt


Approximately 19 inches tall

Read through all directions before beginning.

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Supply List:

Material:  tea-dyed muslin and regular muslin, material for bow.

Lace – vintage lace 6-1/2 inches wide (need 40 inches)

Ribbon – 1/8 inch wide

Hair –4-ply burgundy yarn

Embroidery Thread:  Brown #433, red #221, burgundy #3685, green #700, natural

Paint –  Black, antique white, barnyard red

5 inch doll needle

Large eyed needle

Embroidery needle


Mechanical Pencil

Sunny window or light box

Aleen’es easy flow tacky glue

For Staining – instant coffee, vanilla extract, fragrance oil.

Sponge brush & Stencil Brush

Paper towels and paper plates

Optional – old cookie sheet, glass jar with lid, wax paper, pliers, long beading needle (see #1 of face instructions)


Suggested shopping for fragrance oils –

The Chemistry Store –

From Nature With Love –

Save on Scents –

Bramble Berry –

To Die for Soap –



#1.  Print out patterns including the leg extension pattern.  Tape the leg extension pattern to top of leg.  On double tea-dyed muslin, with a disappearing fabric marking pen, lightly trace completely around all body patterns.  Sew directly on the traced lines; leave open where indicated.  Cut out about 1/4 inch away from sewn lines.  Clip curves and turn.  Stuff head and body firmly and sew opening closed. 

#2.  Stuff arms and legs to stuffing line (indicated on pattern) firmly.  Sew openings closed.  Attach arms where indicated on pattern.  Do NOT attach the legs yet as they need to be painted.


Staining:  Combine 1/4 cup instant coffee, 2 cups hot water, 2 Tablespoons Vanilla extract and 1/4 teaspoon fragrance oil in a glass jar with lid.  Shake for a few minutes until thoroughly mixed.  Line an old cookie sheet with old ragas and lay your doll here.  With a sponge brush, thoroughly coat the doll.  Bake for 10 minutes at 200 degrees.  Check often as this can catch on fire.  If you have to bake longer, only bake at 5 minute intervals and always KEEP checking the oven. 

Stain eyelids also, see next section.



#1.  Eyes:  Print and cut out the eyes and eyelids (in pattern section).  Position the eyes on the face where you want them and pin them to the face with straight pins.  Very lightly trace around these, including the eyelid, with a mechanical pencil.  With a very small paint brush and using your black acrylic paint, very slowly outline only the eyes, not the eyelids, and then fill in.  Once that has dried, using the end of a very narrow paint brush, dip it lightly in the antique white paint and gently dot on the whites of her eyes (see picture for placement).

#2.  Eyelids:  Trace the eyelid patterns on single tea-dyed muslin and cut out.  Stain these as above.  Once dry, position on eyes being sure to place the right eyelid above the right eye and the left eyelid above the left eye.  Glue in place with your easy flow tacky glue.  NOTE:  The eyelids should overlap the drawn outline you drew of the eyelid slightly.

#3.  Eyebrows and Eyelashes:  With a mechanical pencil and using the picture as a pattern, trace in eyelashes (1/2 inch).  Tip: Use a wooden or plastic ruler.  Thread your doll needle with a single strand of brown embroidery thread and use the same technique as in step #2; backstitch the eyelashes.  Do the same for the eyebrows which should measure 1/4 inch across.

#4.  Mouth:  Thread your doll needle with 1 strand of your brown embroidery thread.  Going in at the very top of her head (this will be covered up with her hair) embroidery the mouth using a simple backstitch.

#5.  Nose:  Print and cut out nose pattern.  Position on face and pin using straight pins.  Very lightly trace around this with a mechanical pencil.  Using a double strand of red embroidery thread, go in from the top of the head (as in step #2), use a satin stitch for the nose.

#6.  Cheeks:  Dip some Barnyard Red  paint onto a paper plate.  Dip your stencil brush lightly into the paint and pounce off most of it onto the paper towels.  Unless you want her cheeks to be very bright, be sure to pounce off MOST of the paint.  If her cheeks are not colorful enough for you, you can always add more.



#1.  Insert 3 strands of matching yarn where indicated on pattern.  Cut 40 strands of yarn 40 inches long.  Tie to center of head on both sides, as indicated on pattern.

#2.  Pull a few strands of yarn forward for bangs and trim.

#3.  Braid hair on both sides and tie ends.  Bring ends back up towards the head and bring over where you just tied it to the head on that side.  Let the ends of the braids fall forward with the bangs.  Do this on both sides.

#4.  Trim and fluff  out bangs.


Finish Legs:

#1.  After staining legs and they are dry, attach a loop of thread to top of the legs (this is for hanging to dry).  Dip a little of your Barnyard Red acrylic paint onto a paper plate.  With a small stencil brush, dip it lightly into the paint and pounce off most of the paint onto the paper towels.  I prefer a more vintage look to my Annie's, so I pounce my brush onto the paper towels until it appears as if there is no paint left  on the brush (believe me, there is still paint there); however, if you prefer a more colorful Annie only pounce your brush a few times onto the paper towels.

#2.  Follow pattern and lightly paint on the leg stripes.  Hang to dry.



#1.  Bodice - on double layer material, right sides together, pin bodice pattern and cut out, being sure to place on fold as indicated.  Cut out opening for head.

#2.  Cut 20 inches of your 6-1/2 inch long vintage lace (do this twice; 20 inches for front and 20 inches for back).

#3.  Doing front and back separately, take one piece of the lace and sew a gathering or a running stitch about 1/4 inch away from one long edge.

#4.  Gather that part of the lace and with right sides together match it to the bottom of the bodice.  Pin and sew right above the gathering stitch.

#5.  Do the same for the other side of the bodice.

#6.  Place right sides together (front and back) and using 1/4 inch seam allowance sew together.

#7.  Turn bottom of sleeves up about 1/4 inch and hand sew.

#8.  About 1inch up from end of sleeves, run another gathering stitch completely around, pull to gather and tie off.

#9.  With your contrasting 1/8 inch ribbon, thread your large-eyed needle and hand sew a running stitch completely around bodice as indicated on pattern.  Tie in a bow in front and trim ends.

#10.  Slip nightie over your doll's head.  Hand stitch a running stitch completely around neck, pull to gather.



#1.  On doubled unbleached muslin, trace pattern with a mechanical pencil.  Sew on traced lines, outside as well as inside seams.  Cut out about 1/4 inch away from sewn lines.  Clip curves and turn.

#2.  Turn waistline down about 1/4 inch and hem.

#3.  Trim bottom of legs with pinking shears to length desired.  One inch up from bottom of each leg, with matching embroidery thread, run a gather stitch around.  Pull to gather.

#4.  Run a gathering stitch around waistline and pull to gather.


Hair Bow:

#1.  Print and cut out the hair bow pattern.  On doubled material, right sides together, pin bow pattern and trace with mechanical pencil.  Make 2.

#2.  Sew on traced lines all the way around - do NOT leave an opening.  Cut out about 1/4 inch from sewn lines.

#3.  On back and going through only one layer of material cut a small slit for turning.  Turn and sew opening closed.

#4.  On back side, hand sew a gathering stitch up the bow and pull to gather.  Cut a small strip of material and wrap around the gathering  stitch, tie in back.

#5.  Sew of glue to one side of the head.


Pillow and Pillowcase:

#1.  Print  out both patterns.

#2.  Pillow; trace  pattern on double layer regular muslin and sew on traced lines; leave opening where indicated on pattern.  Clip corners and turn.

#3.  Stuff and sew opening closed.

#4.  Pillowcase; trace pattern on double layer muslin, cut out.

#5.  Using  a sunny window or light box trace pattern on only one layer of the muslin.  Put the second layer of muslin back underneath the first layer and pin.

#5.  Using the appropriately colored embroidery thread, embroider your pattern.

#6.  Turn hem under 1/4 inch and tack down with  a few hidden stitches on inside.  Iron.  Slip your pillow inside the pillowcase.



You're done with Dosie Rosie.  I hope you enjoyed making her as much as I enjoyed designing her.  If you have any problems or questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me.


Terms of Use:

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