Prim Simplicity Lamp

A Lillie Mae’s Crafts original design by Brenda Greenwalt


Read through all directions before beginning.

For illustrations of the different steps and techniques as well as the stitches visit my "Stitch 'n' Stuff" page on my website at




Card stock

Unbleached muslin

Material scraps for centers – orange, brown and a contrasting print

Material for bow; 3 contrasting prints

Decorative button (center of bow)

Embroidery thread to match main material (going around vase)

Wreath twine wire


Mark’B’Gone or disappearing fabric marking pen

Antique clear glass vase

Thread in colors matching material

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Wire cutters

Electric Candle Lamp with toggle switch

Red bud flowers

Flat marbles

Glass Frosting Spray

White floral foam

Basic sewing materials

For staining:

Instant coffee, vanilla extract, fragrance oil, sponge brush or small spray bottle

Optional for staining:  Old cookie sheet, wax paper or old rags, glass jar with lid.


Prepare Vase:

#1.  Clean and dry vase. 

#2.  Spray entire outside of vase with Glass Frosting spray.

#3.  Measure around the outside of the vase and cut a piece of foam about 1-inch less than that measurements.

#4.  Place your electric candle lamp on your piece of foam and trace around the bottom of it.  With the tip of your scissors, punch all along the traced line; dig out about a 1-inch hole to place your electric lamp light.  This should hold it in place.

#5.  Drop in your flat marbles all around the piece of foam.



#1.  Print sunflower patterns on card stock and cut out.

#2.  On doubled muslin, trace with Mark’B’Gone or disappearing fabric marking pens, outside sunflower pattern and cut out.  You will need 2 (4 layers) for each flower…so the amount you will need will depend on how many flowers you desire.  Picture has 12 sunflowers. 

#3.  On single layer material, trace center of sunflower with same technique as above in step #2, and cut out.  You will need one center for each flower.

#4.  Mark center of each flower and center.  To get this, fold each layered group of muslin sunflowers once and then again.  Mark center with Mark’B’Gone pen.  Do same with center material pieces. 

#5.  Place one of the centers cut out of material in the very center of the layered 4 muslin sunflowers and pin.  Hand stitch around with matching thread leaving a small opening…do not cut thread. Place a small amount of stuffing in center and finish hand stitching closed.  Tie off thread in back of muslin sunflower.      

#6.  Very carefully, snip into sunflowers about 1-1/4 inch apart to make petals being careful not to get to close to the center.


Staining Mixture:

1.  In glass jar, combine 1/4 cup instant coffee with 1 cup hot water.

2.  Add 1/8 cup vanilla extract and 1 teaspoon fragrance oil (I love Cinnabun or Cinnamon Sticks).  Shake to mix thoroughly.



1.  Line an old cookie sheet with either wax paper or old rags.  Lay your sunflowers here.

2.  With spray bottle or sponge brush, apply stain to all sunflowers being sure each one is completely covered.

3.  Bake at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.  WATCH CAREFULLY, NEVER LEAVE UNATTENDED.  If you need to bake longer, only bake at 5 minute increments.  Some like to leave the petals exactly as they are when they come out of the oven, wrinkles and all.  I like mine a little more neat so I iron my petals. 


Attaching Stems:

#1.  With wire cutters cut stems; cut wreath wire into different heights - 4 stems at 12 inches long, 4 stems at 13 inches long and 4 stems at 14 inches long.

#2.  On back of sunflower cut a slit center going through both layers of muslin.

#3.  Open this slit and apply some hot glue; press one end of stem into this glue and slide sides back over stem.  Hold for a few seconds.



1.  Arrange flowers, smaller stems in front of course.  Insert some dried flowers and even some greenery if you have it. 

2.  Measure around the center of your vase; cut a piece of material the length (that you just measured) and 2 inches wide.  Glue this around the vase.

3.  Tear 2 strips of material from all 3 pieces of material; about 1/4 inch wide and 20 inches long.  Wrap these together and tie in a bow.

4.  Print out your tag and punch hole with a 1-hole punch.

5.  With matching embroidery thread, tie the tag to the button with the ends of the thread hanging down from outside of the button.

6.  Glue the button to the center of the bow. 

7.  If the tag is not hanging the way you prefer, glue it in the appropriate position.


You're done with Prim Simplicity Lamp.  I hope you enjoyed making it as much as I enjoyed designing it. If you have any problems or questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me at


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