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All patterns included here are FREE!!!  To download to your computer, click on "download" button.

Free E-books


Assorted CheckLists



Free to download.  Brand New!!!  An assortment of checklists for those of us in the "crafting" business.


Check lists included in this E-Book:

  • To Do List

  • Favorite Pattern Sites

  • Primitive Crafter Supply Lists

  • Pattern Details

  • Preparing for a Craft Fair

  • Pattern List

  • Pattern Shopping List

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This 'n' That


This E-Book was created with you in mind.  Packed full, it includes tips and tricks on:

  • Stuffing

  • Scenting

  • Color Washing

  • Rusting

  • Staining

  • Painting

  • Doll Making

Also includes a free summer sampler, printable blank tea-stained and coffee stained tags, projects such as how to make grubby candles and scented rag balls and two complete patterns.


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This 'n' That 2


You all asked for it, wrote me about it, and here it is.  In this E-Book you will find:


1.            Prim Waxed & Scented Vintage Spools

2.                Simply Sweet Daisy Stitchery

3.                Tiny Heart of an Angel Basket

4.                Mini Shabby Yo-Yo Flowers

5.                Mini Starlight Pillow

6.                Waxed Dipped Toilet Paper



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This 'n' That 3


Lillie Mae's Crafts brings to you a brand new craft E-Book filled with free graphics and free projects.


In this E-Book you will find the following small projects:

  • Prim Waxed & Scented Vintage clothespins & rag balls

  •  Small Stacked Pillows

  •  Lunch Box Playsets

  •  Mavis (Prim Doll)

  • Catch a Star Pillow

  • Tulips in a Row Small Pillow


To print patterns see instructions on Printing Instructions page.







Shabby 'n' Oh So Chic


Shabby and Chic is no particular style.  It is a combination of old and new, white and pastels, flowers, lace, and candles.


If you love going to flea markets, thrift stores, and rummage sales, than you will love decorating shabby and chic.  Putting the old with the new and mismatching is what it's all about. 


The end result is a room that is comfortable and familiar, warm and inviting, and absolutely beautiful.


In this e-book are 10 tips, tricks, and patterns.  The "patterns" are complete with pictures, step-by-step instructions, and full-size patterns.  The "tips and tricks" consists of a few ideas that are both cheap and easy to create.  They may call for a trip to the local flea market or you may find, after a little rooting around in the basement and attic,  that you have at home what you need. 


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Bits & Pieces

Annie Doll Designs


Everything you need to create an Annie doll, from start to finish, is included in this E-Book.  Sixty pages packed with information, patterns, pictures, recipes, tips and tricks, sites of interest with more free doll and doll clothes patterns, and the list goes  on.


The chapters include:


Annie Rag Doll Tutorial

Facial Feature Transference Tutorial

Painting Shoes



Sites of Interest


Doll Patterns & Clothes for Dolls From 10 inches tall to 19 inches tall.


There are 11 doll patterns which include their heads/bodies, arms and legs, keep each intact as listed in the e-book or mix and match...the possibilities are endless.


Start your own Annie Rag Doll business (see our "Terms of Use" in the book) with the info in this E-book. 


*Note:  For more information on creating Annie's, check out the Facial Transference Tutorial and Primitive Annie Rag Doll Tutorial on the tutorial page as well as Bits & Pieces, Annie Hair Designs E-Book (new) below.


To print see instructions on Printing Instructions page.




Bits & Pieces

Annie Hair Designs've finished your very own're very own design and now comes the hard part.  Deciding on just the right, the absolute perfect, hair design. 


In this book you will find 25 Annie Hair Designs.  Each design has a picture, tells what type of hair to use, has complete instructions, hair cards if indicated, and an illustration of the head pattern which marks where the hair is to be attached. 


This book will also give you an idea of the many types of yarn, cord, and doll hair that can be used.  The possibilities are endless.


To print see instructions on Printing Instructions page.






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