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Betty Easter Bunny

Approximately 18 inches tall, not  including her ears





Scrappy ScareCrow Wreath

Wreath 12 inches





Sweet Heart

Approximately 14 inches tall. 






Approximately 14 inches tall.





Cotton Candy

Approximately 14 inches  tall.





Kountry Kitty

Approximately 15-1/2 inches tall. 



Tidings from Brenda....

I know this April (Easter) newsletter comes a bit early and right after the March newsletter, however, I'm short on time so needed to send it early.  I'm going to be busy preparing for my very first craft fair....gulp! 

Any tips?....anyone? 

I'm VERY nervous so any advice...anything at all (LOL) would really help to reassure me.

Questions such as:

1.  What do I need to know before I go?

2.  What should I take with me, not stock, but other items.

3.  What items sell best for you at these types of events?  More expensive, less expensive, etc.

4.  How much stock do you take?

5.  What types of prices usually sell?

6.  How do you arrange things?

7.  What types of items do you use to arrange a pleasing table?  Any pics?

8.  And....anything else you can think of.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the wreath pattern given here.  It was a bunny first holding the tulips; didn't like it.  Then it was a pocket...didn't like it.  And...finally it ended up being a wreath.  LOLOLOL!

Have a happy and very blessed Easter everyone,






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To be included in the "Birthday Club" here are the requirements:  The month before your birthday, you will need to send me a brief note about yourself.  This can include just a little bit about yourself, what you hope this birthday brings, what crafts you enjoy, a note about your family, children, pets, etc., or anything you would like to share.  If you would like to include a picture, that would be great too.


This will be published in the newsletter during your birthday month and in return for this, you will receive a "free birthday gift."


If you would like to join, just send your name, a brief note about yourself (as above) and date of birth to - lilliemaescrafts@yahoo.com



If you include the "year" of your birth, I WILL put your age in the newsletter...lol.




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Katie Bishop asks us for the following prayer request:


A little boy (2 years old) from my daughter's preschool class was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor this past week...he started chemo Friday. His name is Jackson Dundon.  Please pray for him and his parents Kristen and Jimmy.  Thank you so much, Katie.


If anyone belongs to a church prayer list, would you be so kind as to add this little guy and his family to the list.


**If anyone would like a prayer request,

just drop me a note at -






Lillie Mae Presents


Lillie Mae's Crafts is proud to announce a new addition to our newsletter "Lillie Mae Presents."  Starting within the next few months, detailed instructions to follow soon, we will be interviewing shop owners and adding that interview here.


If you are a craft shop owner, meaning you create your own inventory, and would like to be interviewed for the newsletter, please e-mail me at:  lilliemaescrafts@yahoo.com


This would be free advertising in a newsletter whose subscribers are multiplying by leaps and bounds daily.  So e-mail us soon and include your name, the name of your shop and link, and of course your e-mail address, and we will get back with you ASAP. 


Interviews may include your specialities, how and when you got started crafting, when and why you decided to open your shop online, and much more.  Pictures of your crafts would also be included.


Interviews will be published here in the order they are received, so e-mail us ASAP.


This would also be a great way to show your support for the newsletter. 








Free Patterns in This Issue:


Betty Easter Bunny



Spring Tulip Wreath



Sparkle Tulip Easter Egg Ornies



Click on pictures to download patterns.


These patterns and graphics will eventually be offered for sale to the general public, but were originally designed and created for the subscribers of this newsletter. They are the original designs and remain the property of Lillie Mae's Crafts and are copyrighted as such.


Easter Activities

Easter On the Net

Easter is the springtime holiday marking the rebirth of Jesus and the renewal of the Christian faith.  It is a blessed time for the faithful to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of the Savior... and a magical time for children to enjoy chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jellybean-filled Easter eggs.  Here for your entertainment are stories and trivia, craft projects and games, recipes and so much more.

Easter will be celebrated on Sunday April 04, 2010. Greek/Orthodox Easter will also be celebrated on Sunday, April 04, 2010.




Free Easter crafts, games and activities




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Cloth Doll Supply.com

Free Stitchery Pattern



Raggedy Old Annies

Adorable Bunny Pattern



Cotton Pickin Prims

Free bunny ornies




Easter Egg Templates



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Many assorted crafts



The Heart of Sewing

Easter Placemat



Free Paitin' Patterns

Several absolutely adorable country painting patterns



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Crochet, plastic canvas, and cross stitch patterns



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Easter Beaded Pin Designs



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Variety of Easter crafts, projects, and patterns



Crazy Creek Quilts

Easter Quilt Patterns



BOM Quilts

Easter quilt patterns



Little Cotton Rabbits Free Patterns

Knitted Easter Egg Patterns









Easter Story Eggs



I came across this wonderful Christian Easter idea while surfing the internet.  I hope you enjoy.


"To remind your family of the Easter story, prepare an Easter basket with 12
plastic eggs that can be opened. On the outside of the egg write a number
(1-12) and fill with the corresponding message and Scripture (see chart below).
Open one egg each day, starting 12 days before Easter. Read the message aloud to the family and look up the Scripture in the Bible. Pray together, thanking the Lord for that particular aspect of the crucifixion and resurrection."


Messages go on front of paper, Scriptures on back, and Item named is placed in the egg.


1.  Message: Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The people waved palm branches.  Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11.  Item: Piece of palm branch.

2.  Message: Mary poured expensive perfume on Jesus' feet. Scripture: John 12:2-8. Item: Small perfume sample or cloth with perfume.

3.  Message: Jesus shared the Last Supper with His disciples. Scripture:

Matthew 26:17-19. Item: Chex cereal.

4.  Message: Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Scripture: Matthew 27:3. Item: 3 dimes.

5.  Message: Jesus carried His own cross. Scripture: John 19:17. Item: Popsicle stick cut and glued in a cross form.

6.  Message: Soldiers placed a crown of thorns on Jesus' head. Scripture: John 19:2.  Item: Small thorny branch.

7.  Message: Soldiers parted Jesus' garments and cast lots for His coat. Scripture: John 19:23. Item: Swatch of burlap and a nail.

8.  Message: Jesus was nailed to a cross and pierced in His side. Scripture: John 19:18,37 & John 20:25-29. Item: A nail.

9.  Message: They gave Jesus vinegar mixed with gall on a sponge to drink. Scripture: Matthew 27:34. Item: A small sponge.

10. Message: Spices to prepare Jesus for burial. Scripture: John 19:40. Item: 7 or 8 whole cloves.

11. Message: The stone covering Jesus' tomb was rolled away. Scripture: John 20:1. Item: A small rock.

12. Message: The napkin around Jesus' head was lying separately from His linen clothers. He was not there. He has risen! Scripture: John 20:6-7. Item: A scrap of linen-type fabric.









Happy Belated Birthday to Genia

February 17th

Genia is not only a newsletter subscriber but is a very active member of Pins and Needles.  She belongs to 5 Pins and Needles groups, namely Cloth Dolls, Quilting Bee, Aprons R Fun, In Loving Memory, and the Swap Shoppe


Here is what Genia has to say about herself: 


Hello my name is Eugenia deGroot, I have always been a craft lover. I started making scrapbooks and then creating handmade cards for many occasions. I got to say making cards for angel moms like me who lost their babies has helped me get over my lost. I recently started making dolls to fill the hole and loneliness while my husband is in Iraq.


"I am a proud army wife and mom to be. I want to stay at home and raise my baby! I am a very crafty person. I make creative greeting cards and unique one of a kind scrapbooks. I am also an aspiring photographer. If you are interested in capturing your precious moments on film or in a scrapbook designed especially for you just contact me and we can work on the details!!!"


Genia lives in Texas and is mommy to Angel Jacob.


Visit and read all about Genia's

Baby Angel - Jacob



Learn more about Genia and see her wonderful work on her blog –

Gigi's Dolly World



Tribute From Brenda to Genia:  I myself am 55 years old so to me Genia  is, herself, still just a child.  But....for one so young, she has certainly had her share of heartbreaks.  Yet when I speak to her through Pins and Needles or e-mail, she is always so positive.  She manages, no matter what type of day I have had, to put a smile on my face.  She shares herself openly with others and her love of life is so very, very apparent.  She is an exceptionally special young lady and I know, in my heart, she has many, many wonderful things in life coming her way.



Happy Belated Birthday to Aunt Pitty Pat

February 22nd



What can I say about Aunt Pitty Pat?  She's a friend, a confidante, a partner, and so much more.


She has a wonderful giving nature and has opened her heart to, not only myself, but to every member of Pins and Needles.  Warm-hearted, she  also has a great sense of humor, even if it is somewhat wicked...and here's proof - a "sweet" little poem which I stole from her blog -




If it had not been for Aunt Pitty Pat I might have had to shut down Pins and Needles when I hurt my arm, but as usual she came to my rescue. 


She is active in, and in many cases started, the following Pins and Needles groups:

  1. Are you an Inche Fan

  2. Decorated Match Boxes

  3. Cloth Dolls

  4. Swape Shoppe

  5. I Love my Creature

  6. Aprons R Fun

  7. Quilting Bee

  8. Fun with Annies

Visit her VERY active and fun blog:



Extremely talented, Aunt Pitty Pat's work can be viewed and purchased at the following shops:








A Note From Miss Pitty Pat Herself:


I would like to thank everyone that wished me a wonderful Happy Birthday :)
I was so blessed with warm wishes and fun surprises. I received more comments and phone calls than any one person deserves. Thank you all for making my Special Day so Fantastic!  Brenda asked where do I live... well I live in the boring state of Kansas, with the love of my life.. my little dog Pitty Pat.

The Love of her Life

Pitty Pat

Birthday Gifts



Genia has yet to select her free gift from Lillie Mae's Crafts. 


Aunt Pitty Pat picked out Trick or Treat Annie  for her free gift...one of my favorites.

Don't forget to wish

Genia and Aunt Pitty Pat

a Very Happy Birthday

the next time you speak with them.





"Skip to my Lou"...or in Miss Pitty Pat's case, across two lanes of traffic.


My story.. when I was a wee tot of about 5 yrs my aunt was in the Navy. She was away in the service.. She came home from Germany and she brought her car home with her. Now there is a bit of confusion here on my part .... I was always told it was a VW. But my older Brother says it was a Renault. All I know is it was built different than American cars. I think my Aunt at the time was the only person in the State of Ks to own a VW or a Renault. Most people had never seen this type of car. My aunt use to get this huge laugh.. she would pull up in the service station and ask them to check her oil. She would pop the bonnet and the attendant would slam it down really fast and run to her window and say lady someone stole your engine. Well we all know that the engine for a Bug is behind :) She would get such a kick out of that.

Well me and this little car had a disagreement one afternoon. Aunt was driving down this highway doing about 55 mph toward home. Mom was in the front passenger seat and brother was in the back seat next to me. Well if you are old enough to remember the door handles worked opposite.. than the American door handles. I still can not remember to this day which way they worked.. You either had to pull up on the handle to lock it or that way opened it.. I am so old now I have forgotten. My aunt asked me to lock the door so I would not fall out. Guess what.. yep you guessed it instead of locking the door.. I opened it.. out I went flying lickity split across the two lanes of traffic. Brother says everyone in the car was shocked because all they could see was me rolling into the gutter. My Aunt turned white and mom started screaming... yes you guessed it brother was laughing his butt off and yelling hey I want to do that it looks like fun. The next thing I remember is waking up at the ER with all the penguins standing around me!! Yes it is a catholic Hospital. Aunt, Mom and Dr were all shocked that I didn't have any broken bones.. but I came through it with just a few scratches and bruises... I had an angel on my shoulder that day for sure.. I keep telling my family I can't drive 55. and they all know what I'm talking about :)

Alright this is my story :)



Jennifer Clark tells a story of a missing "ouchie."



Just before Christmas 2009, my almost three year old wanted to help mommy cook some chicken in a frying pan.  She pulled a chair up to oversee the process.  She had been standing there a few minutes when she lost her balance, threw her arms out, smacked the very hot pan and started pulling it on top of herself as she fell.  While she fell I grabbed the pan and shoved it back on the stove.  I tried to catch her too, but for the most part I just slowed her fall.  Again I was back to my short prayers, “Jesus!”  I snatched my burned daughter off the floor and quickly rushed her to the sink where I ran cold water over her arm.  After a couple moments of that I remembered the Aloe plant.  I broke some off and started rubbing it on her arm.  Only... I couldn’t find the burn.  I stopped everything and really looked.  She wasn’t burned.  I saw her touch the pan.  I know flesh came in contact with it, yet it didn’t burn her.  While finishing dinner I turned the pan down and started cooking casadias.  Still shaken up by what had happened earlier I wasn’t careful enough when flipping one and ended up touching my thumb to the pan.  It gave me a big blister.  To me it was proof that there was no way she could have touched the pan when it was hotter and not walked away burned.  Angels must have been protecting her while she fell."



Jennifer Clark is off and running with another story of a fast acting angel.  Boy,  they do have to be on their toes...don't they?


"My angel moment happened when I was maybe 19 or 20.  I was driving down a country road headed to my parents house.  On my right was a deep ditch and my left had a shallow ditch that levels out almost even with the road a little ways up.  I noticed a car was sitting in the level area.  The car in front of me passed the idling car then within a minute before it was my turn the car darted across the road completely blocking it.  No sooner was the car blocking my path did I notice a toddler in the back seat pop up.  Knowing that if I T-bone the car at 60 mph the unstrapped child would be killed I yanked the wheel as hard to the right as I could get it.  It was to late.  I knew it.  A split second before impact I closed my eyes while saying, "Oh God, oh God, oh God..." It was the only prayer I could get out in the tense moment.  And then nothing... No bang, no scraping, no screaming or sliding.  I opened my eyes and I was driving out of the deep ditch completely unharmed.  I looked in my rearview and the car was still there.  "Yes" I told myself, "it really did happen."  I finished my short drive home completely stunned.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I should have hit that car, but I also know there is a God out there who heard my repeated two word prayer and sent His angels to stand between those two cars that day and to safely guide me back out of the ditch.



The Mystery of the disappearing gas station attendant. 


My story begins about 2 years after Bob and I were married.  Because of work obligations, we never were able to have a honeymoon and so we decided we would take a weekend and travel to the neighboring state of Ohio which is home of one of the Sea World Parks. 


After several hours at the park, we had presents for family and friends and thought we would run these back to the car and then go back for the evening firework display before heading back to our motel.  When opening the trunk of the car though, we were struck with a very strong smell of gasoline.  Further inspection on Bob's part revealed that our very old car had a leak in the gasoline tank.  OKay...so now here we are miles from home, several miles from our motel, no cell phones at that time...and very little money. 


We did remember though passing a gas station not far from the park and decided to walk there.  Now it was late at night so we knew the gas station would not be open, but at this time we were also trying to find a pay phone to call Bob's parents or my sister to come to our aid.  When we got to the gas station though, to our very pleasant surprise, there was an employee there working on his own car. 


After explaining our situation, this gentleman told us that he worked on cars, on the side, at his home, and was sure he had a gasoline tank there that would fit our car.  Now how amazing and how so sweet of this stranger.  We hoped into his truck to jaunt over to his house and that's when it hit me.  Okay...who the heck is this guy anyway.  Here we were in his truck, on our way to his home, totally at his mercy.  I sat there the entire trip to his home scared to death.


But...he was so sweet.  We got to his home, he offered us refreshments, got the gasoline tank and we headed back to the gas station.  Once there, he put the gas tank on for us, refusing any help from Bob and then even filled the tank with gas.  He refused the money that Bob offered, perhaps he could see how very little we had to begin with.  We drove back to our motel, now almost 3 a.m., totally exhausted, but so very relieved.


The next day we thought we would run some money over to this nice guy for helping us out the way he did, but were informed by the owner of the station that no one by that name or description worked at the station.  What a miracle.




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