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Sweet Sue & Sassy Cat - $5.99


This Annie is a must have for all collectors and Annie Makers. Quick and easy with minimum supplies needed, you will love Sweet Sue and Sassy Cat. Pattern includes color picture and full-size patterns as well as my own private staining recipe and instructions and rusting recipe and instructions.
Sweet Sue is approximately 12 inches tall and Sassy Cat is approximately 5 inches tall.

Annie Pin Keep Pincushion Doll - $5.99


A perfect gift for the quilt-maker, crafter, or seamstress.  Annie can hold various sewing items in the pockets of her dress and is also a pincushion.  She's fun to make and so-o-o easy.  A great pattern for a gift, for yourself, or for craft fairs.  She stands approximately 10 inches tall.







Annie Doll Bathroom Hand Towel - $5.99


Dress up your bathroom with this adorable Annie Hand Towel. Her jumper, which is the towel of course, comes off and can be washed. Make several in different colors, embellish with ribbons and laces. Create jumpers for your Bathroom Annie for the holidays and special occasions. 

Her hands are held together with Velcro. Simply unclasp her hands and her jumper comes right off for washing or to change your Bathroom Annie into another jumper.




The Spice Girls

Cinnamon, Ginger, and Pepper - $5.99

Meet The Spice Girls - Cinnamon, Ginger, and Pepper, our brand new tiny shelf sitters. Created to be able to sit sweetly anywhere, these tiny little girls, only 7 inches tall, will fit into those small empty spots where you want something that packs a WOLLOP. That's the spice girls. So easy and so much fun, you won't be able to stop yourself from making more and more. Perfect project for using those scraps of material, ribbons and laces up.

Tidings from Brenda....

School will be starting soon and for many moms this is a welcome reprieve after an action-packed summer filled with young, "very busy and active" youngsters.


However, for others it can be a bitter-sweet time...this is the case in my family.  Our baby, the last one, will be starting kindergarten this year.  My sweet little nephew, Hayden, who is just simply a joy to be with, is growing up...sniff.


For Hayden though, this is a much anticipated adventure.  So, choking back tears, we will watch our baby board the school bus as he heads out into the world.




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Please pray for Terry and his family.  Terry is an Elder at our church.  He has been in Indiana the past three months and returned home this past Tuesday.  He was training.  He is in the Army Infantry.  He leaves for a 14 month tour in Afghanistan - tomorrow (June 15th).  He is married and has two teens.  Ronda

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Free Patterns in This Issue:


School Days Sampler



Hanging Quilted School House


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These patterns and graphics will eventually be offered for sale to the general public, but were originally  designed and created for the subscribers of this newsletter. They are the original designs and remain the property of Lillie Mae's Crafts and are copyrighted as such.


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Glass Jar Sewing Kit

& Pincushion




Small glass canning jar

Small scrap of material

Large matching button

1/8 inch ribbon



Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Large-eyed needle

Misc for jar - thread, buttons, measuring tape, needles, pins, thimble, folding scissors, etc.



1.  Take lid off canning jar and trace bottom of lid onto cardboard.  Trace again on material adding about 2 inches all around.

2.  Pile some stuffing onto cardboard and cover with material.

3.  Fold material under cardboard and glue: screw onto jar.

4.  Wrap ribbon around top of jar threading ribbon onto large-eyed needle and threading through large button.  Tie ribbon in a bow on outside of button.

5.  Fill jar with sewing materials.


Thank you Ronda!!

Ronda is an "internet" friend.  Even though we've never met in person, Ronda has been an invaluable source of both encouragement and advice.  Proofreading my newsletters, she helps me to sound both professional and intelligent...lol!

Thank you so very much Ronda.


Reader Submissions

Get the Stains Out


Hi Ladies


I want to share something with you.  I went to the community thrift sale.  I look for vintage linens, cotton sheets, and cabbage patch dolls.  Oftentimes, the linens will have stains and yellowing.  I had had someone tell me about them using the Oxy clean to remove these stains.  I got a huge box at Sam's Club.  I have this round trash can with lid that is about 2 1/2 feet tall.  I put a couple cups of Oxy clean in it with hot water.  Stir thoroughly until it dissolves, and then add the items.  I left it sit overnight in the kitchen sink.  I just pulled the stuff out.  The yellow stains from a couple shirts I got are gone.  The yellowing and other stains on the linens are gone.  The mildew spots in a skirt - polyester - are gone.  It has taken blood stains out of clothes.  It is amazing stuff.  If you have never tried it, I use rubber gloves when wringing the items out before putting in the wash because it has a tendency to be drying.  Anyhow, it is great stuff.  It also whitens and brightens.




Crafting Tips & Tricks - Stitcheries


1.  To prevent your pattern from slipping when using a light box or sunny window, which often results in uneven tracing with misplaced lines, tape your pattern to the light box or sunny window, and then tape your muslin over this.

2.  The lines traced with a mechanical pencil are much smaller than a regular pencil thus when embroidering over them they will be more easily concealed with the smaller lines from the mechanical pencil. 

3.  Lines traced with a disappearing fabric maker or a "Mark B Gone" maker often times do not completely disappear so I would not recommend using either of these on your stitchery.

4.  Use an embroidery hoop.  This makes embroidering so much quicker and easier.

5.  Remember, smaller stitches will result in a much neater design.


**If anyone has any tips or tricks they would like to contribute, send them to me at - lilliemaescrafts@yahoo.com

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