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Dress up your bathroom with this adorable Annie Hand Towel. Her jumper, which is the towel of course, comes off and can be washed. Make several in different colors, embellish with ribbons and laces. Create jumpers for your Bathroom Annie for the holidays and special occasions. 

Her hands are held together with Velcro. Simply unclasp her hands and her jumper comes right off for washing or to change your Bathroom Annie into another jumper.


In her hands she holds a tag that reads: 



I'm Annie Towel

As pretty as can be

My favorite dress

Is a towel you see

So you may dry

Your hands on me.

Tidings from Brenda....

Hello everyone from VERY rainy Indiana.

Because you will possibly need to send off for an ingredient necessary for the "After Shave" recipe included here, I decided to go ahead and send this newsletter ahead of schedule.

Beginning with this issue, we are adding an "Archive" section where you may download any of the past issues.  New subscribers will not miss out on any of the many free patterns with our "Archive" section.

Blessings Everyone,



Dad Bookmark

Print off on card stock (put your curser over the bookmark, right click & "print picture") cut out and laminate.  Please see our "Terms of Use" below.

Create a Gift Mug for Dad

With the recipes in the column on the left for after shave and glycerin soap, create these two and add them to an old fashion mug and shaving brush.  Combine the bookmark above, wrap in cellophane and add one of the free tags on the left.



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Pillow & Picture


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Lillie Mae's Crafts


After Shave Formula

& Glycerin Soap



Supply List:


Glass or plastic spray bottle

Cyclomethicone (see shopping sites below)

Fragrance oil (see shopping sites below)

Glycerin Soap (craft stores)

Soap mold (craft stores)



After Shave:


1.  Fill almost to top of bottle with Cyclomethicone.

2.  Add 1/4 tsp fragrance oil per 8 oz of cyclomethicone.

3.  Put lid on and shake thoroughly.  If not scented strong enough add another 1/4 tsp until scent is just right.


Glycerin Soap:

1.  Melt following directions on purchased soap.

2.  Add fragrance oil following directions on purchased soap.

3.  Pour in mold & refrigerate for 2 hours.

4.  Wrap in designer paper, colored wax paper, etc.


Shopping Sites


     The Chemistry Store http://www.chemistrystore.com

Fro       From Nature With Love http://www.fromnaturewithlove.com

           Save on Scents http://www.saveonscents.com

           Bramble Berry http://www.brambleberry.com

           To Die for Soap http://www.todieforsoap.com




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