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Sweet and simple, you will love this Primitive Raggedy Annie cloth doll pattern. With no painting and little sewing, this pattern is perfect for craft fairs. Materials needed for this Annie are limited. She even comes with her own tag!!

Sweet Sue & Sassy Cat - $5.99

This Annie is a must have for all collectors and Annie Makers.  Quick and easy with minimum supplies needed, you will love Sweet Sue and Sassy Cat.  Pattern includes color picture and full-size patterns as well as my own private staining recipe and instructions and rusting recipe and instructions.

Annie Pin Keep Pincushion Doll - $5.99


A perfect gift for the quilt-maker, crafter, or seamstress.  Annie can hold various sewing items in the pockets of her dress and is also a pincushion.  She's fun to make and so-o-o easy.  A great pattern for a gift, for yourself, or for craft fairs.  She stands approximately 10 inches tall.

The Spice Girls

Cinnamon, Ginger, and Pepper - $5.99

Meet The Spice Girls - Cinnamon, Ginger, and Pepper, our brand new tiny shelf sitters. Created to be able to sit sweetly anywhere, these tiny little girls, only 7 inches tall, will fit into those small empty spots where you want something that packs a WOLLOP. That's the spice girls. So easy and so much fun, you won't be able to stop yourself from making more and more. Perfect project for using those scraps of material, ribbons and laces up.

Tidings from Brenda....

September is my birthday month, the 20th to be exact, and I will be celebrating my 55th birthday....whew!!!  Time is going by faster and faster...sniff.


When I look in the mirror I'm surprised at what I see.  Although I see the face of a 55-year-old woman, my spirit is still young.  I still break out in a dance when I hear a favorite song, love to experiment with different hair colors and hairstyles, wear my hair long, practice yoga, and like to dress in a somewhat "hippy, love child" fashion every now and then.  Everything you are not supposed to do at 55.


Baby Boomers though, which I am, are somewhat unorthodox when it comes to aging.  If it were not for our outward appearance, you would not know we were "over the hill"  lol!  Although I don't really "fight aging" I do plan to give it a run for its money.  I will not go willingly!!! Lol So in closing I say this: Make Love Not War, Flower Power , Far Out Man, Groovy, and .....




As always if you have a "Kudos", a prayer request, any crafting tricks or tips, or if you have a "Reader Submission" such as questions for any of us, a request, a craft tip or project you would like to share, etc., please send them to me at - lilliemaescrafts@yahoo.com



"Birthday Club"  



**NEW**  I'm starting a subscriber "Birthday Club."  To be included, here are the requirements:  The month before your birthday, you will need to send me a brief note about yourself.  This can include just a little bit about yourself, what you hope this birthday brings, what crafts you enjoy, a note about your family, children, pets, etc., or anything you would like to share.  If you would like to include a picture, that would be great too.


This will be published in the newsletter during your birthday month and in return for this, you will receive a "free birthday gift."


If you would like to join, just send your name, a brief note about yourself (as above) and date of birth to - lilliemaescrafts@yahoo.com



If you include the "year" of your birth, I WILL put your age in the newsletter...lol.




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My husband's vascular surgeon called to give us the results of his CAT scan.  Things are more serious than initially thought, he said, and Bob's bypass will require an assistant surgeon.  Because of this, his surgery was rescheduled for July 29th.  I will be by myself during his surgery as the little family I have already have plans during this time.  Please think of us during that time, send positive energy and include us in your prayers. 


As an extra bonus, my mother will be coming for a visit on the 31st.  My relationship with my mother has always been very strained.  There were times when she visited when she wouldn't even look at me, but would turn to stare at the wall instead.  Once again I ask for your prayers during this trying time.


For those of you who were aware that the doctors had spotted an abnormality on my chest x-ray, the results of my CT scan state the 3 spots seen are scar tissue and I am to have a repeat CT scan in 3 months.  So...please keep me in your prayers also.


Wishing you all many blessings,




**If anyone would like a prayer request, just drop me a note at -









Free Pattern in This Issue:

Note:  There's another free pattern below.


Birthday Girl


Approximately 18 inches tall.  Comes with pattern for birthday present as well as the birthday card (picture below).  The "birthday present" pattern is large enough to slip in a small gift before you wrap it.


Click on either picture to download pattern.


These patterns and graphics will eventually be offered for sale to the general public, but were originally designed and created for the subscribers of this newsletter. They are the original designs and remain the property of Lillie Mae's Crafts and are copyrighted as such.




Birthday Party Ideas



Adult birthdays are a little more complicated than children's birthday parties, especially if it's a big bash. 


Send birthday invitations at least 3 weeks in advance and remember to include an RSVP so you'll know how many guests to plan for.


One often-neglected but very classy touch for adult birthdays is sending guests home with party favors. Sure, you're cooking or catering and spending a nice chunk of cash to put on the dog, however, a thoughtful take-home gift makes you a sterling host. Sometimes party favors just for the women is fine, or, if it's a couples party, "couple" gifts work well . When choosing favors for adults, think small, creative and always give something you'd like to receive yourself. You don't have to spend a lot, just don't be tacky about it. ;-) A perfect party favor solution to any adult bash are personalized chocolate bars. Have the birthday honoree's name, date of the party and whatever else you think would be fun written on the wrapper. Most guests would love a chocolate bar to take home and indulge their sweet tooth! 


Adult party games are loads of fun and can really make your party come alive. A lot of adults have forgotten how fun it is to play, be silly and get lost in a frivolous activity! For fun, printable adult party games, see: Printable Birthday Party Games - print as many game sheets as you'll need instantly.


A very cool and fun trend is to have a chocolate fountain set up with cut fruit, berries, marshmallows, pretzels, nuts, cookies and anything else you can think of that would be good dipped in luscious chocolate. This works great for adult and kid parties. Chocolate fountains can be set up at the dessert table, on the main food table or stand alone in a place of honor. Guests will mingle and have a blast dipping goodies in awesome flowing chocolate.


The latest in greatest in party surprises is creating custom soda bottle labels for your celebration. Use a photograph, the birthday honoree's name and party date and Jones Soda (OMG delicious!) will create awesome soda in personalized bottles just for your you. Jones Soda is already a huge pop culture phenomenon in many parts of the U.S. You will love these custom bottle labels and the unique and standard soda flavors will delight and surprise your guests. This one touch will add a classy and whimsical touch to your party, I promise!


While you're customizing soda bottles, do the same with personalized birthday water bottles!


Disposable birthday party cameras are always the hit of the party and a great way to get random, fun shots of all your guests. These make super memories, too. Have a bunch of birthday party cameras laying around on tables for guest to pick up and snap away. It's a perfect ice breaker and gets everyone involved. Include duplicates in each featured party guest's thank you note for a memorable expression of gratitude.




Normally this issue of "Crafting with Lillie Mae's" would have been sent out at the beginning of August.  However, that will be a very busy time for me.  Bob is having his coronary artery bypass surgery on the 29th and my mother is coming for a visit from Tucson on the 31st.  So...instead of possibly sending this issue out late, I decided to send it early.  And...the October issue may be a little late.


I've included here an extra special little gift, from me to you, for this inconvenience.  She's just a little girl, but just looking at her brings a smile to my face.  I hope she does the same for you.


Tiny Brown Bunny

Click on picture for pattern




An Angel Amongst Us


Previously I have expressed here my thanks and appreciation to Ronda who, with no compensation for herself, has been kind enough to proofread my newsletters.


Ronda is a constant source of amazement to me and I am forever uncovering layers of blessings hidden within her soul.  A devout Christian, she continues to both encourage and inspire me. 


Ronda gives of her love and time with no thought of herself.  A trait I myself find rare in today's world.  Recently  I discovered her participation in Craft Hope, a charity project that I'm sure will touch you all as it has touched me (see below).


Even though we have never met, she considers me a friend and for that I thank our ever present, ever loving God.


Craft Hope



Craft Hope is a faith-based, love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those less fortunate.  It is our hope to combine our love for crafting and desire to help others into a project to make a difference around the world.


If anyone has a "Kudos" they would like me to post, just drop me a line at lilliemaescrafts@yahoo.com

Reader Submissions


Ronda submits her favorite birthday:


My most favorite birthday was actually just two years ago.  My parents and three brothers came for Thanksgiving.  One of my sisters-in-law and the kids came as well.  My birthday was the day after Thanksgiving that year.  It was awesome having my family here, as they are scattered about.  The phone rang.  It was my son.  He was calling from Kirkuk Air Base in Iraq.  This was his third tour.  He said for me to check my email.  So, while I am talking to him, I am pulling up my email.  Attached are a dozen photos of my son.  He had one  of the other guys follow him around the base to take pictures...of him holding a sign that says "Happy Birthday Mom."  I cried, of course.


Thank you so very much Ronda for sharing this wonderful birthday with us. 


Marcel shares her favorite birthday:


My favorite birthday was the year I turned 5. My Grandfather asked me what I wanted for My Birthday... of course I was a cowgirl out on a farm and I asked for purple Cowboy boots. I just loved the color purple.. its funny even now I still love the color purple. It was 1960 then .. before

the Beatles and before Barbies.. no I think I got a Barbie that year for Christmas.... it was such a long time ago and the old brain after 5 century's is sort of fuzzy :) Any way I received that wonderful pair of purple cowboy boots from Grandfather for my Birthday.. where he got them I don't know..but get them he did. I wore those boots every day until I out grew them.. which was a very sad day for me. My Grandfather was very special to me.. I hung the moon on him as he and I had the same birthday ;) This sweet wonderful man has since passed but I often remember wonderful shared birthdays with him:) Thanks for letting me share my childhood memories with you ;)


What a sweet memory, thank you Marcel.


Ronda found more penny rugs for Dee:


You should be able to look at these and get ideas.




**If anyone has anything they would like to submit, any questions or answers yourself, send them to me at - lilliemaescrafts@yahoo.com



Aunt Pitty Pat Presents

Bumps in the Night Annie Swap


It's quickly approaching that favorite time of year for Aunt Pitty Pat. Time to bring in the Fall Holiday Season and she is up to her same ole sneaky tricks. On August 22nd Aunt Pitty Pat will announce the first swap of the Fall Season. Come on by and check out what she has in store for all of us.  We know you will not be disappointed. APP invites you to stop by her blog anytime by clicking on the "Bumps in the night" button on the left.


Crafting Tips & Tricks - Birthday Girl



1.  The yarn pulled up into a ponytail should be able to stand up straight somewhat, therefore you may need to trim that yarn to get that effect.


2.  When sewing the ric rac trim to her collar, if you have problems getting it to lie down around the corners, don't worry about it.  The buttons sewed to those corners will conceal it.


3.  When tracing the shoes, pin the template to one side of her foot.  Begin tracing with a mechanical pencil at the seam in the back and trace towards the front.  Do the same on the other side of the same foot, however, when you are tracing that side stop every now and then to be sure that this line is going to match up with the other.


4.  Be sure to trace in the shoe straps before you begin painting any part of the shoes.


5.  Although the pattern calls for "Craft Twinkles" for the top coat for her shoes, you may use anything else you prefer.  The point is to give the shoes a shine so any gloss-type top coat will suffice.


6.  Try not to substitute the rubber band for anything else, as this helps her pony tail stand up.


**If anyone has any tips or tricks they would like to contribute, send them to me at - lilliemaescrafts@yahoo.com

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