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Enjoying the warmer weather, here at home in Muncie, Indiana we're busy shedding our bulky winter coats for our lighter summer jackets.  Next week, according to the weather forecast, we're expecting snow.  And so it is with Indiana weather.

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On a much more personal note, my sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be scheduled soon for a double mastectomy.  It would be so appreciated if you could please remember my sister, Kathy, in your daily prayers.  Bless you.

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1.  When drawing lines on Easter eggs, measure & draw lightly with mechanical pencil & when you embroider those lines, the drawn markings will not show.

2.  Cut out and trim with pinking shears to eliminate some of the bulk.

3  Don't be stingy with the staining mixture when baking your doll.

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Spa Pouch


These are quick & easy to make and make wonderful gifts.




Wash cloth in pretty colors

Ribbon or lace

Matching cord

Wide eyed needle

Sewing supplies

Oatmeal - 1 cup

Epson salts - 1 cup

Lavender - 1/4 cup

Lavender essential oil (10 drops)

Container with lid (air tight)




1.  Fold washcloth in half.

2.  Measure washcloth; cut a length of your ribbon or lace, fold in half, and place inside the open edge near the top of the washcloth.  Pin together making sure you're pinning the lace/ribbon also.

3.  Sew up the sides.

4.  With your wide-eyed needle, thread your cord through the top so you can pull to gather the top closed.

5.  Mix mixture above & keep in air tight container.


To use:


Fill spa pouch with mixture, drop into hot bath and let dissolve.



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