Crafting With Lillie Mae's March 2009
Tidings from Brenda....

The sound of children's laughter, as they venture out for play and  the sweet chirping of the returning birds reminds us all that spring is on its way....finally!

My new pattern, Bunny Blue, is in celebration of Spring.  Free to you before it even goes on sale; pick it up here (see column on left).


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In the next issue another new original Easter pattern free for subscribers only and more tips and tricksbefore it even goes on sale.



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Tips & Tricks for Free Pattern

1.  When turning,  be careful as flannel tears easily.

2.  Cut out and trim with pinking shears to eliminate some of the bulk.

3  Don't be stingy with the staining mixture when baking your doll.

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Free Spring & Easter Pattern:

Bunny Blue



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