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Happy New Year everyone.  I have to tell you...I have a head start on one of my New Year's resolutions which was to immerse myself in my work and to start enjoying it again.  I may have gone a little overboard (chuckle), but here in this newsletter I have for you 5 brand new patterns, most of which have more than 1 pattern included.


Included in that group of new patterns is a free Christmas give away so don't forget to join in that if you want.  Take a look at the give away below.  Now here's something extra for those of you who subscribe to this newsletter...and this will be a good way to see if you all are reading my newsletter or just jumping at those free patterns (hee-hee).  If any of you join in the drawing and win, I will add a little something extra just for you...and as I said this is only for the subscribers of my newsletter.  No one else is eligible for the extra gift. receive the extra gift this is what you must do.  Look at the give away and suggest a pattern name for her. join the drawing simply email me at, tell me you wish to join the drawing, give me your full name and address and suggest a name for the after Christmas give away pattern.


Mean while everyone, my wish is for an extra special new year for you.


Blessings Everyone,




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Prayer Requests


There is a young lady I'm asking prayers for.  She prefers to remain annonymous.  She recently lost a very dear friend of hers through suicide.  Her friend shot himself and left a note which stated only "God hates me."  Please remember her in your prayers. 


Thank you all very, very much.




*Remember to send me a note if you too have a prayer request.



New Patterns Coming Soon


The following 2 patterns were not finished in time for this newsletter.  Check my website in the next few days for these patterns.





My Raggedy


This pattern consists of 2 dolls and the pillow pictured above.  Annie is a sweet raggedy; a simple little girl holding her favorite doll.  She stands approximately 29 inches tall.  Her doll is approximately 15 inches tall.  Pillow measures approximately 10-1/2 x 12-1/2 inches.



Please Vote


I am contemplating a little online monthly craft project.  This would enable you crafters out there to work alongside each other and with me on  a new project each month.  You would be able to see what I'm doing, how other students are doing, etc.  You would also have access to speak with anyone you choose for any help or support.  I think it would be a lot of fun.


Providing I can find the type of software I would need for such a project, I need to know how many of you may be interested in such classes.



If you voted yes, why by the way does not hold you to any agreement to actually attend but is just to be an indication of how many "might" attend such craft workshops.

But...if you did vote yes, which type of workshop would you be interested in -

  • Annie Doll

  • Ornie

  • Stitchery

  • Other (please specify)






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After Christmas Give Away





After Christmas Give Away


Annie holds her best friend close, her puppy, whom she carries everywhere with her.  Pattern includes full-size pattern pieces for all you see including the puppy.


New Patterns






Best Friends Forever, Jetaime & Bandit




Need a handmade gift that you can whip up quickly and with little cost?  Then this pattern is for you.  Mandy is simple but adorable.  Her pattern requires minimal supplies and she makes up quickly.  A wonderful addition to any Annie collection. She stands approximately 14 inches tall.

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