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I want to thank everyone who has graciously mentioned me in their prayers.  So far nothing has shown up in any of the tests.  I still have an EEG to be done and I do have to start B12 shots. 


Thank you everyone...




Help with Doll Hairstyles

Over the years, I've had several internet friends and fellow doll-makers ask for some advice and tips on styling their prim/Annie's hair. 


I have to tell you that with each new doll I create, I never know, until the last moment, what I'm going to do with her hair. 


Well...like you all, I'm always looking for new and different styles for my dolls.  So...here are some "hair tips" I found for you.  I sincerely hope these help.


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Free Patterns, E-Books, & Tutorials


Charming & Winsome

Raggedy Annie Doll Patterns


Country, Whimsical,

Folk Craft Designs


Prayer Requests


I'm asking for prayers for myself.  I've had a couple of blackout incidents which thus far no cause has been found.  I'm scheduled for an EEG, carotid Doppler, and other lab tests.  I do believe they think the cause might be from a mini stroke or a TIA, however, there has been no residual.


They did discover that I'm very deficient in vitamin B12 and vitamin D so I am starting on supplements and shots for those.


I'm usually the one taking care of everyone else so this is really new for me. 


Thank you much everyone,




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Doll Making Sites



While surfing the internet the other day I came across some doll making sites that I myself had never seen before.  I thought you all might find them interesting too.


Mini World Doll Supplies


We are family-owned and operated and we've been supplying the global doll-making community with everything to help assemble your creations since 1984.


Brown House Dolls


Easy Sew Designs for doll patterns, doll clothing patterns, cloth dolls patterns, fashion doll patterns, historical and ethnic cloth doll patterns, French Fashion doll clothing pattern, vintage doll clothing patterns, baby and toddler doll patterns from Brown House Dolls.


Carole Creations, Inc.

Sew Sweet Dolls


Fun to sew! Fun to give! Full size, easy-to-sew patterns for the home sewer. No special skills needed. There is something for everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or give us a call. We are always glad to talk with you.


Gail's Doll Patterns


 Vintage Doll Patterns and Designs




Free Patterns


Free on-line patterns:  original designs


Free Pattern for Dropped-Waist Dress
Directions for Sewing Pattern

Doll Dress Patterns


Free American Girl Doll Dress Pattern


Doll Shoes Pattern


Mini Printable


Printable Minis

Need a little something to go with your doll?  These mini printable may be just the thing.  Print out a calendar, signs, etc.


Jennifer's  Free Dolls House and Miniature Printable

If you love doll houses and miniatures, and you love free stuff, you have come to the right place.



Doll Patterns

This site is packed full of good stuff for the doll makers including:

How to Print Doll Patterns

How to Make Primitive Doll Patterns

How to Find Copyright Free Doll Patterns

How to Sew a Doll with Patterns

How to Prepare and Market Doll Patterns

Homemade Doll Patterns

How to Find Patterns for Paper Dolls


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New Patterns



Americana Flag Reversible Coasters


New Pattern/New Doll Collection

Tea Party Doll Collection


I would love to know what you all think of this new line "Tea Party Doll Collection" of dolls that I've been working on.  After all...it's all for you.



Tea Party Doll Collection


Approximately 18 inches tall from the bottom of her hem to the tip of her hat.



Tea Party Doll Collection

Rosie Shelf Sitter

Approximately 18 inches tall from the tip of her shoes to the tip of her hat.



E Craft Classes.com


I love learning new crafts!!!


For me, learning a new craft is just nothing but fun.  I don't want it to be work, I don't want to have to read through paragraph after paragraph of directions and instructions while I try to figure out what I'm really suppose to do next. 


With E Craft Classes, there is no second guessing.  The lessons are numbered, pictured, clear and concise. 


How fun and easy is that!!!


Just pay for your class, download it and your on your way...I LOVE it!!!





Learn, Craft and Create

with online craft classes.



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Hi Heather,

I'm so sorry. I just received your phone message last evening and was going to call you today. We have Magic Jack for our home phone (it works on your computer through the internet) and it rarely works. My cell phone number is 765-212-4290 or leave me a number and best time to call you.

I have the message you left about my carotid Doppler on June 1 and 4 p.m. Is there anything I need to do for preparation for this? I understand I can't have the EEG done there, but I prefer not to go to BMH if possible.

Thanks much,
Brenda 301