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Can you  believe it's June already?  I absolutely love the month of June.  Hm-m-m...wonder why.  When I think of June, I think of the June bride.  When I was growing up, it was every little girl's be a June bride.  And so I was....a June bride.  June be exact.


So of course I had to create a bride doll for this month...I just HAD to, lol.


Happy Easter Everyone,









A Wedding Story


Here's a little story for you....


When Bob and I got married he was 32 years old and I was 27.  I really wanted a small wedding with only those relatives that I really knew.  Unfortunately my mother had other ideas.  She decided that since she had to wait so long for her youngest to get married (my sister married at 17), that she had a right to get what she wanted....a LARGE wedding.


Since I was an "older" bride, I decided to try to pay for it by myself.  To help me out in that area, Bob had one of his friends take the pictures.  Just to give you an idea of how that went...the picture above is one of the best we have, and we're standing in my aunt's garage.  This guy's camera broke down during the wedding.  So....the only pictures we actually have from our wedding are pictures taken by guests that  were kind enough to give us copies.  We were heart broken.


So the morale of the story...for all of you soon to be June brides out there....either hire a professional photographer or at least make sure that whoever has the job of taking the pictures for your wedding has several cameras that he can use. 


Blessings Everyone,



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I am thinking of setting up a page for banners and advertising only for those who are making and selling dolls and other items from my patterns.  If you think you might be interested, please email me below.  If I receive enough positive interest, I will set it up.  This would be, as per my entire site, free.




About the New Free Patterns


Yeah....what do you think of their eyes?

I had so much fun creating these patterns and they have, both of them, become my new favorites, lol. know me, always looking for the easiest and simplest way of doing things. will not believe how easy these eyes are to create.  All you need are:

  • A set of watercolor pencils being sure that the set has a white pencil (not all of them do)

  • Card stock (to print them out on)

  • Several straight pins

  • A very sharp pencil or a mechanical pencil

  • Small cup of water

  • Towel or paper towels

Just print out all the templates and follow the directions given.




Beginning Doll Making


I have recently received several email notes from "newbies" and so thought I would include here a few pointers for them.


First of all before I begin just let me explain this ... Doll Making is my life, lol.  So if any of the info I give here seems a little "extreme" to you....well that would be because you have a life ... (lol)... and doll making is my life.


The first step I would give any new doll maker is to "create" their doll making kit.  This would be a container with everything needed to create a doll.  This kit should include everything needed for your work (some of which I have listed below).  Make sure to "package" your kit in some kind of container that has a handle ... baskets, Tupperware (type) container or even some type of tool box  might work well.


Include in your kit:

  • Muslin

  • Hemostats

  • Thread:  Black, white, off white, red

  • Needles in various sizes

  • Doll needles (3 to 5 inches)

  • Pin cushion

  • Scissors

  • Thread ripper

  • Embroidery floss:  Black, white, off white, red & dark brown

  • Sandpaper

  • Pinking shears

  • Needle nose pliers

  • Pencil

  • Pins

  • Plastic (zip-lock) bags in various sizes

and lastly you might include the doll your working on now or several patterns you're interested in beginning.

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Potted Country Flowers Tutorial



I recently discovered a few tutorials that I had stored on an old computer and thought some of you might enjoy them. 



Potted Country Flowers



New Patterns


Here Comes the Bride

Approximately 17 inches tall when completed.




Annie Blue Eyes & Lil Sis




Annie Blue Eyes

Approximately 28 inches tall

when completed



Lil Sis

Approximately 15 inches tall

from tip of toes to top of hair

when completed



Doll Making Help


All you doll makers out there....if you have some pointers, tips, etc., to share with us, please send them in to me.  And...if you sell dolls or perhaps sell any doll making tools, patterns, equipment, etc., I would love to give your site a plug here in this newsletter. 


So...please...when your busy life takes a bit of a breather, remember us here and drop us a note.

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