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Well....a lot has been happening so let me get you updated. 


Pins & Needles,

Social Crafting Forum


Pins & Needles, my social crafting forum, will be closing soon.  I'm really sorry, but Ning, which is the host for the forum, will begin to charge for the use of their forum starting in July. 


Aunt Pitty Pat and I dearly love Pins & Needles and we would be more than glad to pay for the use, however, their charges are pretty significant and it is beyond our means at this time.


The brilliant Aunt Pitty Pat, however, has started a Pins & Needles blog at  This type of forum only allows 100 members and Pins & Needles has, at this time, 188 members.  In order to participate in the blog forum, you need to be invited.   If you have not received an e-mail invitation and you would like to belong to this forum, please email Aunt Pitty Pat, let her know you want to belong to this forum, and she will send you an invitation.  You will want to do this soon as only 100 members are allowed to belong to this type of forum and spaces are filling up fast.


Lillie Mae's Crafts


I have closed my store, Lillie Mae's Crafts, and have opened it up as a totally free site including my patterns, e-books, and tutorials.  However, each one is copyrighted and that stays in effect.


Everything has a download button, so please feel free to drop by anytime.  Hopefully you will find something you like. 


For those of you who are interested in beginning an Annie business, you may like my two tutorials, Primitive Annie Rag Doll Tutorial and Facial Transference Tutorial, as well as my Bits & Pieces E-Book series, Bits & Pieces, Annie Doll Designs and Bits & Pieces, Annie Hair Designs.  Once again, these are free so feel free to drop by and download anything you like.


Have a great day everyone,


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Prayer Requests


 My husband, Bob, had some abnormal lab tests recently and has to go back for more tests to help clarify and pinpoint the problem.  He just had coronary artery bypass surgery.  I would appreciate it if everyone would please add him to your prayer list.


Thanks much everyone,



If anyone would like a prayer request,

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Getting your item stuffed smoothly is extremely important.  When I begin stuffing, I automatically reach for my hemostats...I could not be without them.  They say you can purchase these in the sports section of department stores, although I've never really looked for them there.  However, there are several places on the internet where you can purchase them...some are sites that specialize in doll making.  Just Google "hemostats" and you'll find several to choose from.


I actually use handles from small paintbrushes that have broken off over years of use.  These are great as they have a rounded end and a blunt end.


If you have a small item, you can always toss it in the dryer after stuffing for a smooth effect.  But this doesn't always work...try it on a few old items you have around the house that haven't sold.  


As with everything, practice makes perfect.


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Bits & Pieces,

Annie Hair Designs've finished your very own're very own design and now comes the hard part.  Deciding on just the right, the absolute perfect, hair design. 


In this book you will find 25 Annie Hair Designs.  Each design has a picture, tells what type of hair to use, has complete instructions, hair cards if indicated, and an illustration of the head pattern which marks where the hair is to be attached.


This book will also give you an idea of the many types of yarn, cord, and doll hair that can be used.  The possibilities are endless.


What does the 4th of July mean to me!

by Aunt Pitty Pat


The 4th of July not only means fun family picnics and fire works. It means so many other wonderful things to me. I remember from the 3rd through the 4th of July it was a party at the grandparents house. My grandmothers birthday is on the 3rd and my great-grandmothers was on the 4th. I always looked forward to that time in the Summer. It was a day that family and friends gathered together for food, laughs, fireworks, and just plain catching up. We would have the old wash tubs filled with ice and Black Diamond Watermelons. Nothing better than a Black Diamond Watermelon. You ask what makes these watermelons so special? Special they were.... because my great-grandfather grew them on his own land and transported them all over the country for sale. I remember seeing the big farm trucks load down so full, I thought the sides were going to break on those trucks. Children would play so hard and get so dirty that the elders would throw us in the farm tank just to start getting us clean. Besides it was a nice way to cool off before our big dinner. Roasted Hog in a pit, roast-en ears, baked bean, potato salad, pies, cakes .. umm you name it was good food. You have to remember, back when I was a young lass we didn't have all that fast food stuff... we canned our own pickles, jams, made our own breads.. and the best of all HOME MADE ICE-CREAM!!! To this day I must have home made ice-cream on the 4th. I know it costs more to make than if you bought it at the store but there is some old traditions I hope to pass down to the young ones in my family and Home Made Ice Cream is one of them...

Having shared some of my childhood memories.. drop by Aunt Pitty Pat's  and let me know what some of your favorite 4th of July traditions are.


Happy Birthday



Newsletter - Please Vote


The original purpose of this newsletter was to offer free patterns.  Now that Lillie Mae's Crafts is a totally free pattern site, that reason for the newsletter no longer exists.


Therefore, I am sincerely contemplating shutting down the newsletter.  You can help with this decision.  Just click on one of the links below, and if you like, give a reason for your vote.




Everything is free at Lillie Mae's Crafts.  However, the copyright is still in effect.  All patterns, e-books and tutorials are the original designs and remain the property of Lillie Mae's Crafts and are copyrighted as such.

More Lillie Mae's Tips & Tricks - 2




I found the most awesome item for mixing scents.  Spray your items and your customers will love you.  Or mix it up and sell it in small spray bottles and sell it as is.  You can make your own labels on your computer.  There are so many prim graphic artists out there that buying graphics for your labels should be no problem at all....and they're usually can usually purchase a set for a couple of dollars.  You can purchase labels for your computer from places such as Wal-Mart or office stores.


The item is called Cyclomethicone.  Fill your bottle  almost all the way to the top with this and then top it off with your scent.  Shake it up...and YUM!!!  The scent lasts and lasts.  I actually use this to make my husband's aftershave.  I've used it this way for years and he loves it. 


To purchase, simply Google "cyclomethicone" and you'll find several places to purchase it from.


More Lillie Mae's Tips & Tricks - 3



Color Washing:


Basic Color Washing: Mix 2 tablespoons of whatever paint your using with 2 cups of staining mixture and then follow the instructions given below under "Grungy Color Washing."


Grungy Color Washing:  Mix 5 tablespoons of whatever colored paint you are using, 1/2 teaspoon brown paint with 2 cups of your staining recipe.  With a sponge brush, paint entire item.  Sprinkle with cinnamon.  Lay the item(s) you are baking on an old cookie sheet that you have lined with aluminum foil.  Bake for 10 minutes in oven set at 250 degrees, but keep watching.  NEVER leave this unattended as it can catch on fire.  If you have to bake longer, only bake in 5 minute increments.

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