Crafting With Lillie Mae's June 2010


The scent of spring is in the air, and I love it. 


While walking our 4 dogs around our neighborhood today, I ran into several neighbors which I hadn't seen since the beginning of the winter months.  After spending time "catching up" we made the same empty promises made at the beginning of spring each year; we'll call soon, we'll get together soon, etc.


Is it any wonder depression runs rampant during the winter months when we all become "shut ins."  Allowing the bitter cold, snow and ice to rule our lives, we try to make do with e-mail messages, an occasional internet "chat" and a short phone call.


So my late "New Year's resolution" is to nurture those friendships which I have allowed "weather" to rule. 


If necessary, I will bundle up, shovel out the driveway, scrape the ice off my windshields, and heat up some water to thaw our the frozen car doors which refuse to open.


Hmmmm...I really don't know those people that well anyway.


Have a great day everyone,


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Shabby 'n' Oh So Chic

Ten Tips, Tricks, & Patterns


Shabby and Chic is no particular style.  It is a combination of old and new, white and pastels, flowers, lace, and candles.


If you love going to flea markets, thrift stores, and rummage sales, than you will love decorating shabby and chic.  Putting the old with the new and mismatching is what it's all about. 


The end result is a room that is comfortable and familiar, warm and inviting, and absolutely beautiful.


In this e-book are 10 tips, tricks, and patterns.  The "patterns" are complete with pictures, step-by-step instructions, and full-size patterns.  The "tips and tricks" consists of a few ideas that are both cheap and easy to create.  They may call for a trip to the local flea market or you may find, after a little rooting around in the basement and attic,  that you have at home what you need. 


History of Quilting Bees


As I child, I loved watching the ladies in my grandmother's quilting bee.  With one quilt on the quilting frame, the ladies hand quilted, working in perfect unison.  I often wondered how, without saying a word to each other, they could know what the other was going to do next....but they did.  Laughing, chatting, and gossiping, their hands never stopped and were often in perfect sync with the quilters working next to them. 


A special gift as a child was my very own quilt made by the loving hands of my grandmother.  I slept with that quilt for years until it was in pieces and finally fell apart. 


Although I don't quilt myself, I thought those of you who do might enjoy a little Quilting Bee history.


Quilting came to America with the Pilgrims, in the 16th century. Lack of resources made it necessary for the settlers to recycle their clothing and other fabrics, they made quilt tops, cutting the fabric into smaller pieces and patching or clouting it over and over until it wore out completely. These first quilts were more practical than pretty, but as the settlers prospered the designs became more colorful and elaborate.


In the pioneer days the only equipment needed to produce a quilt included a needle, thread and material, and hopefully a pair if shears and a thimble. A wooden frame would be constructed to allow the quilter to use both hands, or to enable more than one sewer to work at a time. Quilting bees were popular social gatherings.


Many a "quilting" or quilting bee included only women helping a friend or neighbor finish a quilt. Such a feminine gathering would be a great way for women to get together to socialize. Women could share family news, exchange recipes, give child-rearing tips and all in all support each other.


The free patterns and graphics will eventually be offered for sale to the general public, but were originally designed and created for the subscribers of this newsletter. They are the original designs and remain the property of Lillie Mae's Crafts and are copyrighted as such.

Pins & Needles News

Join our social crafting forum and meet ladies who share your interests.


Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet  up, and make new friends with all of the lovely crafty ladies who are on Pins & Needles.  Sit and enjoy a chat every Saturday night in our live chat.


Trash to Treasure


New Group


I have to confess, I LOVE trash to treasure.  My absolute favorite day of the week is Wednesday.  That's the day that our local Goodwill store has senior citizen's day and is the only day of the week that I will confess to being  O that day, Goodwill has 30% off for senior citizens.  After a couple of hours at Goodwill I come home feeling like I just had Christmas.  I have found some delightful finds there, some I had to spruce up and some that were perfect just as they were.  I will spend hours rummaging through all my finds and trying to decide what I'm going to do with them. 


Do you love Goodwill stores, antique shops, thrift stores, etc.?  Have you painted, varnished, mended, and just simply revamped your treasures?  Then come on in, join the group, and confess your treasures.  Brenda


Home Sweet Home


New Group


Do you love decorating your home?  Do you love making your house a "home" with your crafting?  What projects are you working on now?


Have a problem area?  Need some help with a problem room?  Let us give you some ideas.


Come on in, set a bit, and share your decorating ideas and tips with the rest of us.  Post pictures and showcase your Home Sweet Home.


Fun with Annies


The Fun with Annie group is having a challenge. "Lets dress our Annies up with our favorite Americana fabrics for the up coming 4th of July Holiday.  Click here for more details.


Quilting Bee


The quilting bee is having a MONTH Block theme Swap.  Click here for more details.


If you're active in one of the Pins and Needles groups and would like me to post some information regarding it, just drop me a note at


"I'm on Pins & Needles."


Free Patterns to Download

Click on pictures to download patterns


Shabby Chic

Spring Flower Pocket


Start spring out right with this delightful pattern.  The flowers are made from painted  muslin and the small daisies from painted Warm 'n' Natural batting.  An old stained bed skirt purchased at Goodwill was coffee-vanilla baked and fashioned into the pocket.  It is  weighted  to stand perfectly.  Sure to brighten your day.




Charlotte is a wall doll and stands approximately 24 inches tall.  She is made from stained and vanilla baked muslin.  Her face is hand painted and embroidered.  Her hair is auburn woolspun & the pattern includes where I purchase this.  She wears a beautiful dress made from stained muslin, cotton cranberry material and lace with contrasting bloomers.  She's absolutely gorgeous.  Sign and date her, and you have a new family heirloom.



Happy Belated Birthday to

Jennifer Clark

March 27th





Happy Belated Birthday to


June 12th


I'm just an old fashion country girl who loves sewing, baking, gardening, all things herbal and working with computer clip art. But my true love is "repurposing" old, found items into new life! Creating, creating and more creating! I've always had a creative side since I was a kid when the best gifts were a box filled with construction paper, glue, crayons, scissors and glitter! I was in heaven!!  When I was 7 my older sister taught me how to sew on her sewing machine. I was instantly hooked and have been sewing ever since. Nowadays I LOVE♥ sewing fun, creative projects, tote bags, aprons, and my favorite ~ pinkeeps! I do sell some of my creations from my blog shop:
Made With Love By Cathy , but mainly I fill custom orders for pinkeeps (pincushions). You can see pictures of some that I've sold on my Shop page.  Just email me if you are interested, and  I'd love to have you visit me on my blog!!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much
I am a member of Pins & Needles and belong to several groups there including Trash to Treasure
Home Sweet Home and Aprons R Fun.


The next time you speak with Jennifer or Cathy, wish them a happy birthday.


Cathy & Jennifer, you may choose any of the patterns at Lillie Mae's Crafts as your birthday gift.  Just e-mail me with your choice and don't forget to check out my other stores as not all of my patterns are on my site.


If you would like your birthday showcased here in our newsletter, be sure to send your information to me at: and if you're a member of Pins and Needles, please list your birthday in the Birthday Forum.



Crafting with Lillie Mae's


New Free Pattern Added to blog.

Click on picture to download pattern.


Celebration Annie


This Annie's body is made from a 32-ounce soft drink plastic bottle, and she stands approximately 17 inches tall. Holding a bouquet of roses makes her perfect as a gift for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, but she would make a great gift no matter what the occasion or holiday.  I really enjoyed making this Annie and you will too.

Dollar Days @ Lillie Mae's Crafts

Don't Miss Out!!

Every Friday during the month of June Lillie Mae's Crafts will be having Dollar Days.  Choose any pattern for only $1.00.  Choose as many as you like; there is no limit.

Simply make your choice of patterns, send your payment to and then send an e-mail to with your pattern choices.  Within 24 hours, I'll send them to your e-mail.

This special is only for E-Patterns and does not include mailed patterns.



Bits & Pieces

Annie Doll Designs



Everything you need to create an Annie doll, from start to finish, is included in this E-Book.  Sixty pages packed with information, patterns, pictures, recipes, tips and tricks, sites of interest with more free doll and doll clothes patterns, and the list goes  on.


The chapters include:


Annie Rag Doll Tutorial

Facial Feature Transference Tutorial

Painting Shoes



Sites of Interest


Doll Patterns & Clothes for Dolls From 10 inches tall to 19 inches tall.


There are 11 doll patterns which include their heads/bodies, arms and legs, keep each intact as listed in the e-book or mix and match...the possibilities are endless.


Start your own Annie Rag Doll business (see our "Terms of Use" in the book) with the info in this E-book. 






Crafting with Lillie Mae's


Another Free Pattern

Click on picture to download pattern.


Tear Drop Teressa & Kittens

I designed this doll after a friend of mine. She loves animals as much as I do and so a doll who is shedding tears because she has to sell her beloved kittens seemed so appropriate.

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