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Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I hope your new year has started out great, and that your Valentine's Day is everything you would like it to be. 


The beginning of a brand new year is always filled with so many new opportunities and possibilities.  Here's hoping that this year will bring each one of you much joy and happiness.



Blessings Everyone,




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My computer is like an extension of me.  I am a computer girl.  I talk to most of my friends through the internet, do most of my shopping, gain information, and so much more through the internet.  And as such...I have several friends, good friends, friends who mean the world to me....and friends who have stood beside me and with me during trying times when friends I have here have deserted me.  I've never laid eyes on any of these wonderful ladies, yet I know in my heart I would do whatever I could for them....whatever was within my power to do.


It is one of these friends that I am asking prayers for at this time.  Her father is in very poor health and indeed may be dying.  I ask prayers for him, to help give him strength and courage if this is the path that is meant for him at this time.  I ask the same for his family and friends.


I'm also asking for prayers for my husband who has to go to a hematologist due to a persistent elevated white count. 


Please keep them in your prayers.


Thank you all very, very much.




*Remember to send me a note if you too have a prayer request.



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I am thinking of setting up a page for banners and advertising only for those who are making and selling dolls and other items from my patterns.  If you think you might be interested, please email me below.  If I receive enough positive interest, I will set it up.  This would be, as per my entire site, free.





Please Vote


I am contemplating a little online monthly craft project.  This would enable you crafters out there to work alongside each other and with me on  a new project each month.  You would be able to see what I'm doing, how other students are doing, etc.  You would also have access to speak with anyone you choose for any help or support.  I think it would be a lot of fun.


Providing I can find the type of software I would need for such a project, I need to know how many of you may be interested in such classes.



If you voted yes, which by the way does not hold you to any agreement to actually attend but is just to be an indication of how many "might" attend such craft workshops.

But...if you did vote yes, which type of workshop would you be interested in -

  • Annie Doll

  • Ornie

  • Stitchery

  • Other (please specify)










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Now you can access the Newsletter archives.  Two years of back issues now available to everyone.


After Christmas Give Away



After Christmas Give Away


Congratulations to

Joycelyn Greenaway of Arizona and

many thanks to all of you who

entered the drawing.


Annie and her pooch will go out in the mail today so keep an eye out for her.


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Storing Your Patterns


Very diplomatically and hopefully without giving too much away as far as my age (chuckle), and the fact that I have been "collecting" patterns since I was a teenager, I have to say that that collection is one of my favorite.


I found out quickly though that you need to store your patterns properly if you want them to last.  I can't tell you how many patterns I've had to throw away simply because I didn't have all of the pattern pieces and couldn't find the rest, is how I store my patterns.  This is what the end result looks like -


The pattern is in a plastic 6 x 9 poly bag just the right size for the pattern.  I've torn the 1st page of the pattern in half so that the picture and info about the pattern is in the front and when you turn your pattern over, the back shows the supply list.















I print the cover, which is the first page of the pattern, on card stock.  I then tear this in half so that the picture of the pattern is the cover of the pattern and the back side of the cover contains the shopping list for the pattern.




Print off the pattern instructions on regular paper.  Staple these together.  These would go in your plastic poly bag next. 


Next I print off the pattern pieces on card stock and cut them out.  They go in the poly plastic bag behind the instructions.



The bags I purchase are item #1374 (6 x 9, 2 Mil Clear Recloseable Bags) 200/Case from


Now when you're looking for a pattern you're all ready to go:

  • the picture on the front will help you find the correct one

  • the supply list on the back will suffice for a shopping list

  • the pattern pieces are already cut out

  • and the instructions are already printed out and stapled together in the proper order.






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