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Hello from murky Muncie, Indiana.  It's been raining here now for about the last four days, and while we Muncie Hoosiers are all grateful that it is now warm enough to rain instead of snow, we now have mounds of mud instead of mounds of snow.


Mother's day is right around the corner so now might be a good time to start work on those handcrafted gifts that make you so popular with family and friends.  And while you're at it, let's not forget the other "special" ladies in our lives such as grandmothers, aunts, friends, etc. 


Happy Mother's Day Everyone,


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I have a friend, Loretta Mills, who lost her boyfriend of 1 year in a plane crash on Sunday, March 14th.  Loretta has had her share of bad luck when it comes to romance, choosing many men who have abused her.  This was the first who treated her as she deserved to be treated.  She's devastated.  Please remember Loretta and her family in your prayers.


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Free Patterns to Download

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Vintage Bonnet Stitchery - Mother


Fashioned after the crinoline lady quilts and the bonnet lady stitcheries, this pattern is beautiful.  Sure to be a family heirloom (so be sure to sign and date on back), this pattern is a perfect way to let mom know how much you care.  Also a great birthday or everyday way of making mom feel special.


A Mother's Heart


Annie stands at approximately 17 inches and carries her Little Annie snugly tucked in her own little pocket.  Little Annie holds a heart in her hands.  I had so much fun creating this pattern.  For a little fun, the Little Annie pocket could be added to a wreath or other craft project.  Attach a ribbon or piece of jute and you have a peg hanger.  Or just decorate your shelf or curio cabinet with Little Annie.  So many possibilities.


Happy Birthday Jessie Ross

May 11, 1972

Say hello to Jessie. 


Here's what Jessie has to say:  First I've been making dolls and prim veggies since the fall of 2006.  I love it. Sewing gives me a creative outlet and lets me earn some money in the process. My birthday is May 11, 1972.  Although I have been told that I don't look 37.  Heeheehee. 


Jessie is a member of Pins & Needles and belongs to two groups; Cloth Dolls and Swap Shoppe.


This is Penny, Jessie's very first design of her own.  Isn't she adorable.  I find it so hard to believe that this is her first; what a great job!!


Jessie Ross




Happy Birthday Pam S. in Ohio

May 28th


This is what Pam has to say:  Right now, my craft specialty is 2 yr old crafts.  I baby-sit my grandson who is 2 1/2, and he loves to do crafts with Mimi.  We do coloring, play dough, various holiday crafts..........his attention span is very short however, so we don't do it for very long every day.  That's OK..............he's a sports nut (I didn't think they got that way for quite a few more years), but he always has me playing baseball, football, soccer, and the like.  With the bad weather we had in Ohio during winter, we were "forced" to play inside.  The rest of my family consists of 4 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, 1 grand baby, and a mini dachshund.  Life is quite active.  Pam.


Well Pam...your family sounds lovely.  It certainly does sound like your life is quite active.  Your grand baby probably keeps you young and fit...what fun.  Thank you so much for sharing.


For her birthday gift from Lillie Mae's Crafts, Pam chose our pattern "Lucy."  Jessie has yet to choose her gift.

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Crafting with Lillie Mae's

New Free Pattern Added


Tear Drop Teressa & Kittens

I designed and named this pattern after a friend of mine who loves animals as much as I do.  So....a doll crying tears because she has to sell her beloved kittens seemed appropriate.  Click on picture to download free pattern.


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Everything you need to create an Annie doll, from start to finish, is included in this E-Book.  Sixty pages packed with information, patterns, pictures, recipes, tips and tricks, sites of interest with more free doll and doll clothes patterns, and the list goes  on.


The chapters include:


Annie Rag Doll Tutorial

Facial Feature Transference Tutorial

Painting Shoes



Sites of Interest


Doll Patterns & Clothes for Dolls From 10 inches tall to 19 inches tall.


There are 11 doll patterns which include their heads/bodies, arms and legs, keep each intact as listed in the e-book or mix and match...the possibilities are endless.


Start your own Annie Rag Doll business (see our "Terms of Use" in the book) with the info in this E-book. 




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