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It's hard to believe that it's that time of year already.  I don't know if it's because of my age or if everyone feels this way, but time seems to fly by faster and faster with each year. 


Time once more to dig out those old time beloved holiday decorations.  That's one of the things I love most about the holidays....all my "hand me downs."  I love digging out those old "hand me down" decorations.  Not only are they lovely and really "set the mood" but I love what they stand for....tradition. 


I have some exquisite antique decorations left from one grandmother who was rather well-to-do and some plastic ornaments as well as a plastic nativity set left from one  beloved  rather  poor grandmother.  I love them both...very,  very much.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,






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The winners for the drawing are Barb Clark and Leilani.  Ladies congratulations.  Please send your full complete name and mailing address to me (above) and I will get these out to you.


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Lillie Mae Prairie Doll


This simple little prairie doll was a delight to create

and a delight to display.  As she is quick and easy to make, she will make a perfect flea market or craft fair item.  Approximately 12 inches tall with bonnet.


Topsy-Turvy Pilgrim & Indian


Absolutely adorable, this pattern makes up surprisingly quick and simple. Celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in style with this new topsy turvy doll. All of my patterns comes with complete supply list, full size patterns, and templates for the facial features making them a breeze to paint and embroider.  Approximately 15 inches tall.


ScareCrow Annie & Pumpkins


Decorate for the holidays with this adorable Annie. Her raggedy hair and her floppy hat make this Annie ScareCrow a delight. Use the two pumpkin patterns for ornies if you like or add jute or a ribbon and you have some absolutely perfect Halloween or fall peg hangers. 


Scrappy ScareCrow Wreath


This pattern turned out so adorable and is now one of my favorites. As usual for my patterns, no measuring is needed as full-size patterns as well as templates for the facial features are included.


Plantation Annie Double Pocket


Made from an old quilt, cheesecloth, and a vintage handkerchief and then grungied to prim perfection, this double prim pocket is sure to attract attention wherever you hang it. Perfect for Valentine's day also as Annie holds onto her heart. Approximately 21 inches tall.


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Now you can access the Newsletter archives.  Two years of back issues now available to everyone.


New Free Patterns

I have started a new line of ornies to decorate our homes not only for the holidays but also for seasonal changes and special social occasions.

 Seasonal Annie

Pocket Ornies

Little Annie ScareCrow

Pocket Ornie


This little pocket Annie ornie comes with full-size pattern pieces including instructions for the hat, the corn, and the crow.  Pocket is approximately 10 inches tall when completed.


Birthday Celebration Annie

Pocket Ornie


  Cute as a button, this little Annie is dressed in her best dress, is wearing a lace trimmed birthday hat and is holding 3 birthday balloons.  Standing next to her is her best friend, Teddy, who is also wearing a birthday hat and holds a birthday card for Annie.  Full-size pattern pieces and instructions include balloons, birthday hats, and Teddy's birthday card.  Pocket is approximately 10 inches tall when completed.  Teddy is approximately 5 inches tall when completed.


Simply Sarah


Sweet little Sarah is quick, easy...and well, simple to make.  Perfect for any occasion or for that Annie collector.  Approximately 12 inches tall.


Teddy Bear Pair

A simply adorable teddy bear pattern that is so quick and easy to make, you'll want to make more and more.  The bears in the picture are made from the same pattern so that you may see how cute they are made simply from muslin or from other materials.  Approximately 9 inches tall.

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Indianapolis Walk to Cure Diabetes 2010


Debbie's little girl, Elisabeth, at the Diabetic Walk with her cousin.  Elisabeth is on the right.  If you look closely, you can see, on the bottom of their shirts, are the names of Debbie's 2 little ones, the ones with diabetes, Hayden and Elisabeth.


So far Debbie has raised $410 for the Walk to Cure Diabetes.  Remarkably...and I do mean quite remarkably, $300 of that came from subscribers of this newsletter...strangers who have never personally met myself, my niece Debbie or any other members of my family.   Once again...thank you all...very much (sniff).

Check it out here.

Our Very Own Ronda Stewart


A "Blue Star Family" license plate has been approved by the Tennessee state house and senate. It's for family members of those actively serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. 


Military mother Ronda Stewart is responsible for having the plate approved. Her son, Staff Sergeant Ken Stewart, has fought in Iraq four times. Stewart couldn't be more proud of him.


"It's a very honorable profession and an honorable choice," Stewart said.  But the mother wishes there were more ways she could show her support.


"I could get any one of over 40 college plates, some for out of state colleges and universities," she said. "But nothing to show support for my son whose in the military."


Stewart came up with a solution. It turned into a bill passed by the state house and senate in July.  State Senator Ken Yager said, "The perseverance of citizens still pays off in this country."  Under the legislation, there will be a new license plate fashioned out of the Blue Star Service Banner.  The banner symbolizes a family member actively serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. 


"We're keeping this as true to the format of the Blue Star Banner," Stewart said. "It's going to have the 'B-S' in the beginning for Blue Star.  


Stewart hopes other families with active service members catch on and get the new license plate. Military parent Candice Wenger said, "I think it's great that there's going to be other military members driving down the road and will see it, and it will show them that that they're supported."  "Sometimes the best way to support the military is to support the families," Stewart said. 

But Staff Sergeant Stewart might be just as proud of his mom as she is of him.

The mother said the new state license plate will be available to immediate family members of active service men and women by the end of this year.  It will cost the same as a regular license plate. Gold Star state tags are currently offered for military families. A Gold Star symbolizes a service member who died in the line of duty.


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