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Happy Halloween,


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Although it may be considered "second class" (lol) by some, it's right up there with Christmas for me...and here's why.


My husband and I were never able to have children of our own despite various fertility drugs that made me crazy and artificial insemination that I traveled hours for every month.  I wanted to be a mother more than anything, but it was just not in the stars for me.


Recognizing this fact though and coming to terms with it sent me into a severe depression.  To help with my empty heart...and my empty arms, I started a home day care.  I absolutely loved it...I was in heaven. All the kids in my day care were "my kids", and I dearly loved every single one of them.   


Although all of "my kids" are grown up now, they still drop by every Halloween, many with their own little ones, and when they do...well then I'm in heaven once again.


So...Happy Halloween everyone.






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Primitive Crafter Supply Lists


No matter how hard I try, when shopping for my patterns there are always items I forget.  That's the reason for the creation of this form.  I love this form.  I will usually mark on it the items I need to purchase and then print it off and take it with me. 

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This is one of my favorite forms.  It is invaluable to me when I'm creating a new pattern.  On it you can list the name of the pattern, size when finished, when you started & completed the pattern, and supplies and directions.  There is even a place to include a picture of your finished pattern.  As a bonus, at the bottom is a small table with room to include when you listed this specific pattern for sale, where you listed it for sale, when it sold, what type of pattern it is, if it was a holiday pattern, and the price you listed it for.


Pattern Shopping Lists


The pattern shopping list form allows you to create shopping lists listed by the pattern names.  This helps prevent missing out on those small items that are so easily looked over.






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Happy Birthday




Happy Birthday Janet Wilcox

October 24


I enjoy doll making.   I've been making cloth dolls about 4 years.  I also enjoy making different aprons. Just as I do with the dolls, I never can follow a pattern completely and it becomes a work of art, most of the time.  


I'm widowed and retired.  I enjoy every single God given day.


I've been in FL more than 20 years.  



Janet Wilcox



Happy Birthday Sandy

October 29



Hi Everyone,
My name is Sandy aka: AwtemNymf. Nice to meet you *waves*


My birthday is October 29th, almost a Halloween Baby. And I've got to tell you - I AM a Halloween bumpkin :). I'm a Wife since 1999, Momma to one dd since 1994, Momma to our Boxers who we rescue with love, and loyal friend to many! I love to craft and be creative. I've dabbled in many craft mediums, and sewing is my main passion and painting unfinished wood comes second. I also enjoy working with polymer clay! I love to sew Raggedy Annies - mostly Prim style! Glitter, Ric Rac, Polka Dots puts an extra spring in my step. I collect Pumpkins, Crows, Vintage Halloween goods, Cookie Cutters and Faeries! I love to cook and bake! Autumn is my favorite season and of course I go big on Halloween!

What do I hope to happen on my birthday? That I have a steady clean bill of health. Because without these lungs to breathe with- I can't do much *lol*. I'm happy to be alive! I take one minute at a time. I love Random Acts of Kindness, Pay It Forwards, and I hug trees!

Be Enchanted~
My Blog: The Faerie Wysperer

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