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"To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. 

This is to have succeeded."


Throughout history and all over the world, animals have brought love, laughter and 
companionship to the people whose lives they share.  Today, many doctors, social workers, 
and other health care professionals believe that companion animals are important in helping 
many people lead healthy and happy lives.  Here are some of the advantages of owning a 
dog, cat bird, or other pet:
Pets are round-the-clock companions, eager to give and receive love, pets satisfy the universal 
human need to be needed.
Loyal, devoted, and utterly forgiving, animals accept people as they are.  No questions asked.
Everyone needs to hug and be hugged.  A cat curled in your lap or a dog's friendly muzzle 
thrust in your hand gives reassurance and satisfaction.
Source of Activity
Animals are naturally playful and their antics are fun to watch.  Having a pet that requires daily 
exercise will get their human companions out into the fresh air and sunshine.
Feeding, grooming, and exercising a pet helps establish and/or maintain a healthy routine.  
A pet's dependence strengthens self-esteem and motivation to carry out daily tasks.
Pets provide their companions with a very important sense of security and will alert them when 
someone comes to the door.
Promotes Social Contact
Animals are great ice-breakers.  They encourage conversation and invite other pet owners to share 
Link With Nature
When society was more rural, farm animals served to remind humans of our relationship with the 
natural world.  In today's largely urban, industrialized society, many people are isolated from 
nature.  Pets help fill the void.
Positive Role Model
Animals live for the moment.  They deal with life's little and big obstacles and then forget them.  
Pets can help their companions focus on the present and enjoy the pleasures that each day brings.  
Animals and people can make for a great partnership.  But pet ownership in not for everyone 
and it is important to look honestly at its potential advantages and disadvantages before a person 
decides to share his/her home with a pet.
You must consider the costs of feeding, grooming, and veterinary care for a pet. 
Possible solutions: For grooming solutions, elect to adopt a short haired pet that will only require 
a daily brushing.
Limited Mobility
Pets can hinder travel if satisfactory pet-sitting arrangements aren't available.  
Possible solutions:  Volunteer to watch a friends or family members pet while they go on vacation 
if they in turn will watch yours.
Uncontrolled Pets 
Pets that are not housebroken can soil furniture and carpets.  Uncontrolled animals can also cause 
property damage to neighbors and to the community.  
Possible solutions:  Most pets, with proper training, will become housebroken.  There is an 
unlimited amount of information on this topic on the internet.  As far as property damage, if your 
choice of a pet is a dog, please….please do not adopt a dog if you do not have a fenced in yard.  
DO NOT chain up a dog.  Dog’s are very social creatures and deserve a family for companionship, 
deserve to live with you in your home, and deserve to be treated as another family member.  In 
return, they will give you undying and absolutely unwavering love, devotion, and loyalty.

Food for Thought

Three Things You Can Do To Make a Positive Change For Homeless Shelter Animals!

ADOPT OR RESCUE the next time you choose to add a new pet to your family. When you buy from a pet shop you are encouraging puppy mills to produce more puppies that will add to the pet overpopulation problem that already exists. SAVE A LIFE! Shelters and rescue organizations always have pure-breeds in addition to loving and wonderful mixed breeds.

SPAY AND NEUTER Every Pet That You Have. Please don't add to the existing pet overpopulation problem. Millions of homeless animals housed in US Shelters die each year due to the lack of responsible owners. SAVE LIVES! SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS! Look for low cost spay and neuter services at

KEEP YOUR PETS for Their Entire Lifetime! Choosing to own a pet is a lifetime commitment. Honor your promise to love and provide a safe and healthy life for the pet you choose. When challenges arise such as family structure change, moves, pet behavior issues, heath or financial change, seek out the resources that can help keep you and your pet together. Animals are living beings that bond with you, offering a lifetime of unconditional love.


Save a life, adopt from animal shelters. 

Animal - Save a life, adopt from animal shelters. 

The Humane Society

Pets 911



The Animal Rescue Site - Click daily to provide food and shelter to an animal.


Blind Dogs Connections

Regardless, if you're an owner of a newly blinded dog or have been at this for awhile-the purpose we strive for on this list is to provide you the support and information you need to help both you and your beloved dog. If your new to this situation-rest assured it does get much better. Most dogs adjust well and lead happy near-normal lives.

If you would like to share your home and life with a dog who truly needs you, there are also blind dogs available for adoption at Blind Dogs Connections.